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The Future of Talent Search is Reskilling the Workforce

Like so many other things accelerated by the pandemic, reskilling and upskilling will be here to stay. Investing in your current workforce will give you a competitive advantage in the current market and strengthen your company in the event of future disruption.

In terms of value, the added human connection is on par with the hard skills training for Paradiso. Paradiso is a cutting-edge reskilling LMS that enables companies to scale their training and onboarding efforts.

We combine all of your learning management, talent development, and internal mobility options with data on the skills your company requires. Our platform is simple, fluid, and skill-building, powered by your people so that you can transform from the inside out.

Importance of Reskilling
Employee Platforms for an Organization:


Reskilling platform enables L&D that is adaptable to each individual


Facilitates prioritizing resources to develop the skills you require


Peer sharing is encouraged to improve employee engagement and interaction


Reskilling employees leads to better understanding of the learning content and culture


All internal and external learning resources are in one place for easy integration


Higher output and productivity are a guarantee when a reskilling platform is used

How can Paradiso Solutions Help?

Due to increasing automation and digitization, executives will need to reskill or replace more than a quarter of their workforce by 2023.

Target skills that will drive the company’s success

  • Help employees develop technical and soft skills.
  • Align competencies with content, trigger next steps based on performance, and use multiple assessment methods to boost progress.
  • Report smarter. Monitor performance to identify skill gaps and performance trends, then improve training programs.
target skill that will drive company success
Fast track and retain skill development

Fast track and retain skill development

  • Give learners/employees real-world knowledge. You can use video assignments, role plays, and game-based learning.
  • Organize workers. Automate learning paths, award badges and awards, and set notification and acknowledgement criteria.
  • Learn from feedback. With Paradiso LMS, peers, instructors, and even outside experts can provide video, audio, and inline annotations.

Reach learners on any device, anywhere, and at any time

  • Learners need competitive training. Discover Paradiso LMS’s intuitive navigation, full-screen viewing, and dashboards that show progress and completion statuses.
  • Scale personalization. Enable employees to self-select relevant courses and engage in social learning.
  • Join your ecosystem. Paradiso’s open standards and APIs allow it to work with your existing tools.
Reach learners on any device, anywhere, and at any time
Keep your top performers

Keep your top performers

  • Paradiso delivers effective reskilling to match employees to their job roles of interest.
  • Talented employees aren’t always easy to come by, and it’s far better to keep them on board than to lose them to another company.
  • Providing employees with additional skills and retraining top employees keeps them in your organization and increases their value.

Supports your internal mobility

  • Reskilling employees can help you keep your top employees and attract the next generation of dedicated workers.
  • The top employees will want to work for a company that values its current employees and shows it by helping them expand their skills.
  • People are much more likely to stay with a company that offers an interest in developing the roles of current employees.
Supports your internal mobility

“Paradiso Reskilling Software reskills your team seamlessly and boosts your ROI instantly and effortlessly with enhanced employee compliance.”

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