Salesforce has moved beyond the boardroom, to the classroom

Why Salesforce CRM for Training Providers?

CRM for Training ProvidersSalesforce provides a unified view of the entire training company

Get a single unified view of all the constituents of your training company at one place in Salesforce. You get to keep a track of every interaction of yours with prospects, students, alumni, donors, and affiliates. No matter the device (desktop or mobile) your customers are using. You would never lose any of your interaction ever again.

CRM for Training CompanyConnect every touch point within your training company

Use of Salesforce helps in streamlining the communication of students, alumni and parents with their institutions effortlessly. When Salesforce gets implemented, it connects every touch point by placing the student at the center of everything. This eventually helps in driving breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle.

CRM for Training CompaniesStudent recruitment is streamlined

Is your training company facing a growing pressure of recruiting the right students, given the limited time and resources available? We reckon, automation is the solution, which will be brought about if Salesforce is implemented. Reason, need for extra recruiters gets reduced and the productivity of the current staff gets enhanced.

CRM for Training CompaniesSupport your constituents holistically

Salesforce would help you support your constituents holistically. If you are getting your students/trainers flown down for training, you can arrange for their travel, stay and other logistics. You can even book their calendar according to your training schedule. For students, Salesforce would help in gaining a 360-degree view of students, and then help them improve.

CRM for Training ProvidersOptimize alumni relationship

Salesforce helps you in building enduring alumni relationships. This is done by sending out timely information to the alumni about newer courses, asking for referrals, or informing them about get-togethers and reunions. All this helps in optimizing the lifetime value of alumni, because student engagement shouldn’t end at the end of the course.

CRM for Training CompanySalesforce helps in customizing communications

Send out customized information to your students and help them grow by delivering them exactly what they need. You can also cross-sell or upsell other courses in relation to the course they were enrolled in. This will help you in crafting the ultimate 1:1 student experience.

Benefits of choosing Salesforce for your training company

green_bullet   Deployment options to suit your business: on-premise, cloud-based and partner hosted.

green_bullet   Connects marketing and sales department to give them all the tools for increasing course bookings.

green_bullet   Future-proof solution with integration with other Salesforce related products

green_bullet   Real-time visibility and powerful reporting to gain quick business insights

green_bullet   Automation of administration tasks to maximise staff resources, reduce admin time and remove human error

green_bullet   Maintain a clear brand message through all your literature and correspondence – all of which is tracked and reportable

green_bullet   Fully customisable allowing bespoke development and system integration with existing solutions

green_bullet   Mobile and offline access with apps available for iOS, Android Phone to work out of the office

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