Why SCORM On-premise?

With a SCORM On-premise, you can upload and run all your courses and host the platform on your server, having total control of it. You can customize de eLearning platform, and get control over the implementation and data.
Because is an On-premise platform, it costs a one-time perpetual license fee and lets you own the entire data security, as well as the code. If your company or institution has high-security protocols or expectations, this is the best solution for you.
The letters from SCORM stand for ‘Sharable Content Object Reference Model’ and represent a collection of standards that ensures the content compatibility with SCORM Compliant platforms. With a SCORM On-Premise platform, you can upload the content without any modifications. Besides that, you can be able to get all the data and reports regarding user-activity, course management or performance.
So with a SCORM self-hosted LMS, you can improve the effectiveness of the training initiatives. It helps in classifying the learners that have taken/not taken some courses, completed the courses and identifying the areas where employees need improvement.

SCORM On-premise features

You can enjoy all the features that come with a SCORM cloud and an On-premise LMS. You can get a complete platform that would help you take your trainings and courses to the next level.

Advanced Reporting

Track the performance of your courses and users within the same platform. Don’t miss any important data that would help you improve your eLearning strategies. Here are some reports that you can get your hands on:

  • Attendance Report
  • Engagement Report
  • Polls Reports
  • Votes Reports
  • Classroom Abandonment Report

Mobile Learning

with this feature, you can give your users the opportunity to learn from any mobile device, anywhere, any time. Also, you have the possibility to impart your courses online or even offline learn more.

Game-based learning

Thanks to the On-premise LMS you can use gamification strategies and methods to engage the users with the courses. Points, badges, leaderboards, among others, can help you increase student retention and motivation.

Blended Learning

Bring the best of the classroom learning and eLearning in just one platform. You can have all the support and benefits from face-to-face learning, and also, can take advantage of the flexibility and interactivity that come from online learning Learn more.


An On-premise LMS gives you the opportunity to have multiple tenants that let you customize and adapt each of them independent. You can have as many tenants as you need based on your clients, departments or partners learn more.

Social Learning

Use the social wall, blogs, wikis, web conference, among others, and let your users share their knowledge and achievement with others. Buil a team spirit and interactivity between your students or employees that eventually would create quality practices in online education learn more.

Competencies and Learning plans

A competency-based SCORM On-premise can help you organize effectively a system of development or competencies that are required to achieve for workers or students. Competencies need training requirements to have success. Those requirements can be composed of tasks assigned to a specific role, tests or any kind of activities compiled in the learning plans. This feature is designed to increase and foster the professional growth of employees/trainees and it creates an advantage for both of them. It helps to define and manage the competencies of each user or work team learn more.

Learning paths

It lets you build a well-designed training/learning structure that includes a general learning path for that content that requires to be transmitted to all audiences in your company. At the same time, you must have specific learning path content for each employee, with a structure designed to reach the learning goals .

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Benefits of SCORM On-Premise


All your data, security standards and implementation would lay on you. This means you can also access the information any time you require it. You can host all the information, data and security in your server.


As you already know, you own the whole code of the SCORM On-premise, so you can edit and customize it as many times as you need. Use your corporate colors, modify the dashboard, and build special developments and integrations learn more.


You have the freedom to decide how much storage space you have for the implementation of the system.


You can enjoy all the benefits that come with an LMS but in an On-premise way. This option not only deals with security requirements but is ideal for compliance training, with features such as course authoring, multi-tenancy, game-based learning, competency based, consulting and advisory, custom content for eLearning courses, etc.

Easily distribution

SCORM compliant content can be shared across different systems. it’ll help in remaining durable as technology evolves. While on the other hand, it’ll enable you to access it, share it, and reuse it more easily.

Why Paradiso Scorm On Premise?

Scorm On Premise, Feature-rich, easy to use, with 100+ integrations, and superior support, turn your requirements into reality and makes your entire process more smooth and efficient than ever before.

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