This integration allows using Alfresco Content Management system with Moodle™. The content is stored and managed in Alfresco but it is accessed via Moodle™.


About Alfresco

Alfresco is an enterprise content platform that you can use in the cloud or behind your firewall. It helps you store and share the documents that every business depends on.Alfresco’s collaboration software is built for the portability of the tablet and the power of the cloud.

Here is one of the use cases of using Documentum and Moodle™ integration:


Content and Editing Use Case

  1. The corporate training writer creates a new course in Alfresco.
  2. It goes through Alfresco workflow and finally gets approved by training director.
  3. Once its approved the workflow moves the course into a special folder which is accessible from Moodle™.
  4. The trainer goes into Moodle™, sets up the new course and use the content created by the writer for the course.
  5. During the first training session, trainers gets feedback from student so the trainer submits a request to edit the course.
  6. Alfresco admin grants the request.
  7. Trainer edits the courses and submits the changes.
  8. This kicks of Alfresco workflow and the changes gets approved by training director.
  9. The changes appear in the Moodle™ and students are able to see the update immediately.


This is just one of the many use cases possible by levering the power of Alfresco and Moodle™ integration.


Alfresco and Moodle™ Integration Features

  1. Single sign-on between Alfresco and Moodle™.
  2. Central repository for all the content in Alfresco.
  3. Ability to control permissions as per ACLs in the Alfresco.
  4. Ability to have workflow associated with content.

Alfresco and Moodle™Integration Benefits

  1. Increased productivity.
  2. Increased security.
  3. Cost saving by avoid content duplications.
  4. Reduced errors.
  5. Faster change management on content editing.
  6. Better revision control.

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