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Custom Mahara Theme and Mahara Template Design Services

Paradiso Solutions offers Custom Mahara themes and Mahara templates designed and tailored to suit all budgets.


We believe, the UI plays an important role in promoting your services, by creating UI friendly and attractive Mahara theme you can increase the engagement of your users and in return improve productivity.


A Mahara theme allows the user to change the overall look and feel of a Mahara platform. Custom Mahara themes and templates can be applied on the site, category, course and activity levels by users with appropriate permissions. Mahara themes can be designed from scratch, existing themes can be customized or Mahara templates that are pre-purchased can be modified to fit the company look and client needs. Mahara themes can also be designed to work with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.


Paradiso Solutions will help you match your company identity by offering our unique Mahara themes Design. Our eLearning team will create the ideal theme design for your company using your company logo, corporate branding information and color schemes within your budget.


Whether you need a custom Mahara theme development from scratch based on your specifications, or a simple Mahara theme to match your website and company identity, our Mahara experts are ready to help. Our Mahara Hosting Features:


We have three different Mahara Theme packages to choose from including existing Templates to design and fully customized Themes from scratch. Whatever it is you are looking for we will help you choose the best Mahara Theme package that suits your company needs.

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We have build Mahara 1.5 themes, Mahara 1.6 themes, Mahara 1.7 themes and Mahara 1.8 themes

and our themes are compatible with Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Paradiso Solutions Mahara Theme Services Packages:

  1. Level 1 (BASIC): Paradiso solutions changes the header and footer and applies minor modifications to the login page
  2. Level 2 (ADVANCED): Paradiso Solutions changes the Mahara template, fonts, login page etc
  3. Level 3 (PREMIER): Paradiso Solutions changes buttons, layout, test on all browsers and creates a complete custom Mahara theme depending on the client needs.

Paradiso Solutions Mahara Theme Creation and Design Process:

  1. For graphics design portion, our project manager works with clients to get the branding and navigation details. Our project managers shows various samples of past work to help client get clarification on requirements. Once the requirements are clear, the graphics designer begins the work.
  2. Graphics designer comes up with 3 different options for the client to choose from.
  3. Project manager and client work together to finalize an option.
  4. Client suggests modification to the selected option. Once these modifications are done then clients reviews it again. Once client signs off on the modifications, the design is considered final.
  5. The design is passed to developer to create html, css template out of the design. A beta of the template is uploaded to a development Moodle™ server.
  6. Both project manager and client starts testing the theme on the Moodle™ development server and document the bugs in our project management system.
  7. Once the bugs are fixed, another round of testing is done to see if the Moodle™ theme is feature complete and without bugs on a particular browser.
  8. Once everything looks OK on a particular browser, all other browsers are tested and issues are fixed.
  9. Once the testing and bug fixing is completed, the theme is moved to the client´s production server.
  10. Final testing is done on the production server and project is considered complete.
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