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Features of Salesforce SIS Integration

SIS Salesforce

SIS Salesforce supports Single Sign On (SSO)

Give your users, namely teachers, the ability to log into their SIS accounts from inside the Salesforce dashboard with just one set of credentials. That’s the benefit of Single Sign On (SSO) for you. SSO in SIS Salesforce calls for lesser issues associated with invalid or lost credentials – which means better user experience for your users.

Manage Students information from Salesforce

Now your students don’t have to go back to SIS to manage student information – they can do it right from Salesforce! Now that’s ease of use with SIS Salesforce. Get the teachers to register students in courses, grade documents, generate transcripts, record results of student tests and other assessment scores, build student schedules, track student attendance, and managing many other student-related data needs from Salesforce.

Salesforce SIS
SIS Salesforce Integration

SIS Data can be used to run reports in Salesforce

Now your teachers can use all the student data originating from SIS to run reports in Salesforce, given the seamless SIS Salesforce integration. Teachers get to run as granular reports as they want with the SIS Salesforce integration. Be it monthly, semester-wise or yearly, your teachers can get all the data collated and interpreted faster and with greater accuracy.

Handle Student Lifecycle from Salesforce

Your admin staff can handle all the information related to inquiries from prospective students, student admissions, enrolling new students, recording communications with students, housing, dorms and facilities details, assignments and tasks to Student health records and fees management in Salesforce.

Salesforce SIS integration
Salesforce with SIS

Two-way Sync of information across SIS Salesforce

All of your student data from Salesforce (name, address, birth date, academic records etc.) can automatically be pushed and synced to SIS, while all the earning records of SIS can be viewed within Salesforce. None of your information will ever be lost between the two platforms, given the tight integration between SIS Salesforce. Get a single, unified and detailed view of all the data of your students with the SIS Salesforce.

SIS Integrates with all Salesforce Products

Extend the power of Salesforce by getting the SIS to easily integrate with all the Salesforce products like Salesforce Communities, Service Desk, and chatter. View new course info, certifications, badges, news, reminders and much more, directly from Salesforce Chatter.

Salesforce Integration with SIS

SIS Salesforce

From student lead to graduation, gain complete control over your student data
with the robust SIS Salesforce integration.


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