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LMS Web Conferencing integration

Empowering people to work remote – with real-time audio,video,

remote control, and screen sharing facilities.


LMS Web Conferencing integration


LMS Web Conferencing integration is a secure online meeting platform that facilitates employees for remote work, security and privacy of the data.

It follows secure protocols to protect employees’ information online through encryption and compliance.

Features of Web Conferencing LMS

LMS Web Conferencing Integration-Interactive-Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

Multiple users are allowed to write, annotate, explain, brainstorm, and collate ideas through interactive whiteboard in Paradiso Meet LMS integration. This interactive online board comes with full screen mode that creates a bigger workspace. It also has a rich set of tools to make learning an engaging experience as it is easy to highlight content and information. Further provision of selecting color from the color palette is also available and options for drawing diagrams for physics or chemistry courses is also made hassle-free in the interactive whiteboard.

Audio, Video and Screen Share

High-definition video conferencing of LMS Web conferencing integration ensures improved output and brings alive the real classroom experience. It also offers the screen sharing facility according to the users requirement in the live session by giving them a choice to share an application, share a particular tab, or share a web browser.

LMS Web Conferencing Integration - Video Conferencing
LMS Web Conferencing Integration - Public Chat

Public chat

LMS Web conferencing integration comes with an engaging feature of chat which is a form of synchronous communication that allows participants to communicate in a real time environment. Students can use public chat to communicate in real time to discuss the topics of the course or assignments given to them by the instructor.

Shared Notes

This feature of Paradiso Meet LMS integration allows learners to take notes at any instance of training or learning any course. You can also share your notes with participants and co-edit. It also offers an export feature with options to convert the notes into a notepad format.

LMS Web Conferencing Integration - Shared-Notes
LMS Web Conferencing Integration - Actions


With features such as uploading ppts or displaying any external video and polling – actions tab in LMS Web conferencing integration brings a lot on its plate for learners.

Uploading external video

This feature in LMS video conferencing integration helps instructors retrieve information from any external video to understand and get a better clarity on the ongoing session.

LMS Web Conferencing Integration - Uploading-External-Video
LMS Web Conferencing Integration - Upload PPT

Uploading PPT

One of the most common media for providing materials for online classes is via a PowerPoint presentation. LMS Web conferencing integration helps instructors to upload their presentation and add more clarity to the running session.


Actions tab is also embedded with polling options that makes it easier for the instructor or the moderator to guage learners’ engagement and also offers infinite possibilities of using them.
These polls serve as a perfect launching pad with varieties of polling forms.


LMS Web Conferencing Integration - Polling
LMS Web Conferencing Integration -Breakout-Rooms

Breakout room

Paradiso Meet LMS integration embedded with features such as breakout room allows any number of participants in live sessions into smaller teams. With this feature, you can give your learners an individual exam or have them work on a group assignment. This feature offers instructors the possibility to customize a space.


LMS integration with Web Conferencing tool also comes with an option of restricting viewers from using specific features. Instructors are at liberty to restrict its users from sharing the webcam, sharing microphone, sending public chat messages, sending private chat messages, editing share notes or seeing other viewers in the user list. This ensures that the instructor or the trainer is in full control of the class.

LMS Web Conferencing Integration -lockviewers
LMS Web Conferencing Integration -Set Status

Set status

Through this LMS Video Conferencing Integration platform, one way to keep learners engaged is by making status options accessible to all learners through the status options dropdown. Instructors can use this feature to allow students to raise their hand or interact with one another in a non-intrusive manner. Instructors can allow learners to use the raise emotion when they are not able to follow something, and the applause button when they find any section prudent or exciting.


Paradiso Meet LMS integration comes with a recording feature to facilitate learners with the live sessions whenever they want to. This recording is done on the server side that works in the background when a class is streaming live. The recording is capture

LMS Web Conferencing Integration- Recording

Why Paradiso?

Paradiso Meet LMS integration allows learners to attend live sessions without any hassle as it decreases the gap between the learner and the facilitator.

The LMS Video Conferencing Integration has provision of indulging multiple users in the interactive discussion during the live sessions.

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