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SAP CRM Customer Partner Training LMS Platform

Do you need to check on how your customers are performing on important training courses you require? Or are your partners

currently taking critical eLearning courses supplied by you? With Paradiso LMS SAP Customer Partner

Training integration you can track the progress made by your customers and partners.

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Paradiso LMS Supports Many Types of E-Learning

Enhance the training process by employing one or various types of elearning. Blended learning, virtual classroom and social learning provide different and engaging ways to train customers and partners.

Sync Customer and Partner User Data

When a new member of your sales team is entered into SAP CRM, their user data is sent automatically to Paradiso LMS. This can include name, surname, department and manager, plus other information based on requirement.

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Multi Tenancy

Multi-Tenant (Extended Enterprise)

Host several different organizations or departments – clients, vendors, partners – within a single instance of your LMS and using the same database. Each tenant has access to their own unique learning environment that only they can view.

Track Customers and Partners

With SAP Customer Training you don’t have to log into your LMS to check how your customers and partners are performing – it’s all just one click away.

Track Customers and Partners
Sync Customer and Partner Learning Records

Sync Customer and Partner Learning Records

Just like user data, learning records are shared between the two platforms automatically, meaning you can view them from inside SAP.


Increase revenue through our innovative e-commerce plugin. Easily sell your elearning courses online through integration with WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Paypal, and others.

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Ensure Customers and Partners Share the Right Product Knowledge

Increase brand loyalty and dramatically reduce the need of of the customer to rely on customer support by educating your customers in your products.

Single Sign On (SSO)

No need to enter different login details to switch between SAP CRM and your LMS. Use SSO to enter from your customer or partner portal, and give your customers access to the LMS right from the SAP dashboard.

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Make e-learning more fun and engaging through gamification. Motivate your users and measure their performance by awarding points, badges and other rewards for progress, as well as making the learning process more enjoyable.

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