SAP LMS For Employee Training

Educate your workers, track their progress

and integrate with ERP systems



SAP is the best known ERP software on the planet. Almost every major organization uses some SAP

product – this is why we have developed SAP LMS integration.

Paradiso LMS SAP Integration

sap sync employee data

Sync Employee Data

Basic employee profiles – name, surname, department, superior etc. – are pushed and synced from SAP HR to Paradiso LMS.

Courses Embedded in SAP

Courses from Paradiso LMS can be embedded within SAP to provide easy access to training material while staying within the platform.

sap courses embedded
sap  courses

Access to 5000+ eLearning Courses

The Paradiso Course Library offers over 5000 off-the-shelf eLearning courses which can be accessed without leaving SAP.


Integrated SAP Compliance Training

Ensure your employees are kept up to date with the latest regulations, policies, processes and changes, as training records are automatically synced from Paradiso LMS to SAP HR. Know straight away if your employees meet compliance standards, such as anti-harassment, leadership and management.

sap compliance training
sap track employee

Track Employee Training

From the SAP HR/ERP platform get access to employee training performance and track their progress, from completions to specific objectives.

SAP Employee Training Platform

Access Learning Records in SAP

With SAP LMS integration all learning records from your LMS are accessible from SAP.

sap records
Easy to Use employee customer partner Platform


The SAP Learning Management System integration has been designed to be highly user-friendly. Access Paradiso LMS via a tab on the dashboard and have the combined power of SAP and Paradiso LMS.

Single Sign On

With SSO your LMS is embedded within SAP, and you need only login once to either platform to easily access the other.

Single Sign On (SSO)


Increase employee, customer and partner engagement through eLearning gamification. Points, badges and mini-games help to make learning fun.

Different Ways of Learning

We support Tin Can API, so you can diversify the learning you offer by mixing social, informal and blended learning.

sap tin can api
sap paradiso composer

Online Authoring Tool

With our cloud-based authoring tool – Paradiso Composer – you can easily create your own courses and instantly publish them on your LMS or embed them in SAP.

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