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The search and demand for the top LMS for external training is always on the rise. External training refers to customer, partner and member training if you are an association, with a higher focus on customer and member training, which any organization must undertake to grow and be successful. Companies like IT, consumer electronics, and automotive follow customer training and need the top LMS for external training platforms just like the associations that require to streamline and optimize their member training for continuous education and more. It’s obvious that educating staff and selling to consumers is important, but what about teaching customers and partners?

What is External Training?

Customer and member training is a way for every firm and association to educate and inform their customers/members about their products or services. The training can be delivered in different ways by external training LMS platforms. The top LMS for external training can do much more like; Onboard, train, and certifying your customers, partners, and members faster.

A corporation or an association should understand the value of training customers/members and should tailor their training to their needs. However, trained individuals are more likely to renew. Thus, it is a continuous process that keeps clients and members throughout their customer or member lifecycle.

TOP LMS for External Training

How does external training help?

Better Experience & Benefits for Members

Enhances Customer/Member Retention

The external training LMS allows you to customize your course content as per the skill analysis of each customer and member. The courses are full of activities that make your lessons more interactive and valuable. It has a wiki, chat, forums, quizzes, surveys, and assignments to promote user engagement and retain customers and members alike.

Higher Satisfaction with Continuing Education Programs

Savings on Customer Support

Let us put it this way: the more information a consumer has about your product, the less he will need customer service, lowering the overall cost. And now comes the customer training platform.

Generate Non-dues Revenue

Brand Positioning Booster

A positive encounter is a powerful motivator for brand loyalty. In other words, strong customer reviews lead to repeat customers, and good customer training software can help you achieve this. Today's forward-thinking firms value the consumer experience.

Swift Data Migration

Certification and CE credits administration

To become certified, members must complete various online and offline educational requirements, which earn them CE credits. With external training LMS for associations, you can easily design programs to develop skills, competencies and manage every aspect of certification from registration to printing certificates and notifying renewal requirements.

How to choose the right LMS for your organization?

TOP LMS for External Training

This is the most efficient way to limit your customer training Learning Management System options, especially for external users. It won’t take long and will save you a lot of time in the long run. The above-listed factors can also be applied to associations like the CE institutions and many others for members to continue education in their field. Now let’s look for top LMS for external training that will meet all or most of your customers’ learning needs.

Better Experience & Benefits for Members

Calculate your score for each of the external learning management systems that are running.

Higher Satisfaction with Continuing Education Programs

Collaborate with your peers to get genuine external learning management system feedback.

Generate Non-dues Revenue

Examine each external learning management system under consideration for external training.

Swift Data Migration

Engage with the salesperson for each customer training Learning Management System.

LMS for External training is the key to facilitating customer skill development, training and maintenance.

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Paradiso is the top LMS for external training that provides for an easy and convenient onboarding process that can be completed at any time and from any location. It is user-friendly and adds value to your consumers’ experience. The LMS may serve a broad client base and provide consistent learning experience with information on your products and the technicalities necessary to handle them effectively. It also saves time for your internal staff by eliminating dull and repetitive training duties.
Paradiso is the best LMS for external education with the most customer-friendly eLearning platform available, with top-of-the-line features such as an Easy-to-use interface, SaaS integrations, SSO, CRM integration, pre-recorded courses, customer and partner collaboration, multi-tenant functions, LMS for associations for member training and more, to make learning and training more accessible. Furthermore, association member training LMS allows consumers to learn about the products and their technicalities at their own pace, freeing up customer success managers to focus on improving customer value and satisfaction.

Top Continuing Professional Education listicle

2810 N Church St PMB 73030
Wilmington, Delaware 19802, US
✆ +1 800 5135902

TOP LMS for External Training

701-366 Adelaide St W,
Toronto, ON M5V1R9


Second, on the list of top LMS for external training is Docebo. This multilingual, award-winning, and user-friendly LMS can deliver client training with confidence. Learners will be engaged, and access will be straightforward and secure, thanks to the options available to you. This results in a user-friendly platform that not only distributes your content but also records training and certifications, rewards learners, and improves learning outcomes. Docebo’s strong qualities include integration and skill assessments, as well as asynchronous learning, which will undoubtedly be useful. The feature-rich platform makes Docebo one of the best LMS for external education.

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos, another best LMS for external education, can assist you when you need to educate your audience about a new product or service. Alternatively, if your consumers want training, they can get the most out of what you sell. Upload and manage material quickly and easily on a platform that recognizes contributors’ limited time and resources. With that in mind, tools such as detailed tracking and eCommerce have been implemented. There are also certifications and an overall personalization strategy.

Most Popular LMS SAP Litmos

2700 Camino Ramon Suite 400
San Ramon, CA 94583

TOP LMS for External Training

3 Grace Ave, Great Neck,
NY 11021, USA

LearnUpon LMS

Take a peek at this modern, cloud-based LMS that enables businesses to train their customers quickly and easily. LearnUpon LMS is known for being easy to set up, use, scale, and secure. It has a fast, clean, and modern User Interface that is responsive across all devices. This is a dependable solution that is dedicated to always improving its platform so that it improves your engagement with it. Almost any function you might ask for to accomplish your client training can be found here, making LearnUpon one of the top LMS for external training.

iSpring Learn

This solution adheres to the principle of simplicity. By trusting it, you get to receive the benefits. You may follow progress in real-time and receive reports in a variety of formats with sophisticated reporting. To engage your learners, you can use a range of gamification and personalization components. They will also like the ability to take classes offline, enroll, and sign on at their leisure. It’s worth noting that iSpring Learn is regularly updated and responsibly supported. As a result, when you want advice, assistance, or improvement, you will receive it quickly. This makes iSpring one of the best LMS for external education.

Best LMS for Medical Associations

1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 600
Alexandria, VA 22314 United States

TOP LMS for External Training

33 Irving Pl, New York, US

360 Learning Engagement Platform

360Learning is the first collaborative learning system that helps L&Ds engage learners in corporate training and reconnect with business. It is best suited for large enterprises. Identify, reward, and develop 5% of your workforce into knowledge-sharing leaders. An engaging, gamified Learning Experience Platform can be used to improve corporate training. Empower influencers to share course lists and use AI to map unique learning routes, from SCORM to Coursera. Allow your learning and development teams to build, distribute, and improve high-performing courses. 360Learning is the only solution that achieves the engagement rates that drive transformation and correspond with C-suite goals thanks to feedback loops, human involvement, and analytics.


From a single platform, you can create online courses, deliver excellent learning experiences, and track training KPIs. Northpass encourages asynchronous learning by allowing clients to register and enroll on their own time. Furthermore, it provides a variety of reporting and content management options so that you may adjust your training program to your specific needs. With multiple certificates, badges granted through gamified training courses, and other customizing elements, the user experience is excellent. All of this adds up to make Northpass a safe bet.

TOP LMS for External Training

6 Upper Pond Rd,
Parsippany, NJ 07054

TOP LMS for External Training

Level 1 20 Guildford Lane,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000


With eFront, the robust Learning Management System that forms to match your needs, you can train your workers, partners, and consumers. There’s only one learning platform, but it’s packed with features. eFront is a learning management system designed to serve the most demanding and complicated learning environments. You can create an enterprise training platform unlike any other with eFront’s strong customization options and access to their source code. You determine how you need your training platform to perform, from a private cloud or on-premise hosting to sophisticated capabilities down to the look, feel, and structure, and eFront delivers.


A robust learning platform featuring mobile, social, and microlearning elements, as well as gamification and blended learning, that delivers today’s current experiences. Agylia is also totally mobile, allowing users to access digital learning from anywhere, even when they are not connected to the internet. Customers can register, enroll, and participate in a variety of methods that are quick and simple. Organizations may track, receive reports, upload material, personalize, and use eCommerce plug-ins in the same way. As a consequence, you can simultaneously empower your brand and your customers.

TOP LMS for External Training

Eighth Floor, Southbank Central,
30 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9LQ

TOP LMS for External Training

550 Queen St E Suite 335,

Skyprep LMS

Last, but not least, on the list of top LMS for external training is Skyprep LMS. It specializes in quickly and painlessly automating and converting any component of your customer training to an online platform. Robust analytics gives you an insight into your learners’ activities and which content they prefer. Asynchronous and blended learning, self-registration and enrollment, and content creation are all available through this cloud-based platform. You’ll also have access to numerous sorts of reporting, badges, and certificates, as well as additional customization possibilities for a personalized training experience.

Wrapping Up

Learning Management System benefits for External Training of customers, partners or members are numerous. Any customer success program must include training. If you pick the best LMS for training providers from the list of top LMS for external training list above, you can create a custom training program that adds value to your product. So, all you need is the correct customer training software. Use the above list of top LMS for external training to conduct training and provide theoretical and practical exposure. Investing in an external training platform is smart since customers, partners and members of your association drive your company/association’s growth.

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