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The best Learning
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The Learning Management System, or LMS, is a web-based platform for delivering educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs to employees. It allows the administrator to track, monitor, and assign documents to team members.
The purpose of LMSs differs according to the needs, objectives, and operations of different businesses. Some LMS also have ready-to-use inherent content from various departments.
In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 LMS platforms for specialist training companies in 2022.

TOP LMS for Training Companies

Paradiso LMS

The Paradiso LMS for Training Companies was created with trainers and training businesses in mind. It’s a turnkey system that lets learning and development departments manage their training and provide eLearning utilizing the most cutting-edge learning methodologies. As the best LMS for training providers, Paradiso delivers excellent and engaging training to your employees and trainees by combining virtual classrooms, blended learning, and other web-based platforms.
The best eCommerce integration is provided by Paradiso. Works with major sales systems including WooCommerce, Drupal,, Magento, and PayPal to help you sell eLearning courses online and increase revenue. With Paradiso LMS platform for training providers, you can follow the development of your learners across numerous platforms using Advanced Reporting.
Users can also assess their performance by comparing it to that of others on leaderboards. CRM connectivity, single sign-on, multi-tenant, social learning, video conferencing, and other capabilities are among the highlights of Paradiso LMS for trainers.

TOP LMS for Training Companies

Virtual College Limited Marsel House Stephenson’s Way Ilkley,
West Yorkshire LS29 8DD, United Kingdom

Enable by Virtual College

This learning management system is designed for training firms, training providers, and further education, including apprenticeships. Reporting is rock strong, and competencies and e-portfolios are highly advanced within the Enable LMS. Enable is a terrific tool for delivering blended learning.
In addition, Virtual College features an extensive content library. Virtual College helps students first. This guarantees that any “problem” learners are effectively supported, which is crucial for any new e-learning program. This is learner help, not tech help! No-obligation demos are available. Another incentive to consider Virtual College is their VOOCs (Vocational Open Online Courses).


This is a fantastic, all-in-one LMS for training companies that can be used for almost any form of training. It’s an all-in-one learning solution for online and on-the-job training.” Feature-rich, yet not to the point of becoming overpowering. It’s undeniably one of the best LMS for training providers.
It has a useful Predictive Search function, a specialized-On Job Training module that is meant to be as mobile-friendly as possible, gamification, digital signatures, content recommendations, social learning, advanced LMS reporting, and analytics… The list goes on and on. IMC is a unique learning management system for training companies that is headquartered in Germany and has offices all around the world.

TOP LMS for Training Companies

IMC information multimedia communication AG,
Scheer Tower Uni-Campus Nord, 66123 Saarbrücken

TOP LMS for Training Companies

240 Market Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815


eThink is a learning management system specialist based in the United States who provides custom LMS services based on the open-source Moodle and Totara platforms, including platform development, implementation, hosting, and client support.
eThink is a major Totara and Moodle partner and a high-quality, consultative eLearning solutions supplier. They are suitable LMS for training companies because of their experience building solutions for learning platform multi-tenancy, compliance management, learner analytics, and eCommerce capabilities.
eThink’s LMS solutions are managed by eLearning experts and provide dynamic and customized platforms to satisfy complicated organizational needs.


This is a rare LMS that is completely connected with training organizations, and as a result, it is the market leader in the Netherlands. aNewSpring offers one of the most comprehensive LMS for training companies, with mobile delivery and social learning integration. It offers its content creation and import environment, as well as a variety of other capabilities, such as adaptive learning pathways.
Trainers who are building blended learning programs will find this useful. This product can be ready to use in a matter of hours. Memo Trainer is a useful supplement since it keeps students focused and on tasks. Because there are no setup fees and it is future-proof, the pricing is incredibly competitive and transparent. In addition, the product support appears to be outstanding. There is a free demo available that allows you to build courses right away.

TOP LMS for Training Companies

A New Spring BV Westlake 180
3012 KN Rotterdam The Netherlands

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TOP LMS for Training Companies

Docebo Spa Via Toledo 156
80134 Napoli (NA) Italy


Truly the best LMS for training providers. Numerous up-to-date capabilities in this complete LMS cover the majority of the elements that you would require in any training organization or department. Classroom alignment, multiple integration options, and APIs are just a few features.
The Docebo website also includes a marketplace for content, which is beneficial. There is a 14-day risk-free trial available. Its pricing is straightforward, and paying as you go provides good value. Its development pathways for the future also appear promising, putting Docebo in the list of best learning management systems for training companies.

Nimble LMS

Nimble Elearning’s Nimble LMS is a skills-based LMS for training companies that is both engaging and effective. This “light and elegant” solution includes a very good authoring tool: Nimble Author, with a heavy focus on the learner. Nimble Author includes templates and royalty-free photos to help you create content faster. Nimble Elearning also offers several ready-to-use courses.
Nimble Elearning is certainly creative and appears to have a well-thought-out learning strategy. We are optimistic that this will lead to further product development. This is a good solution for value for money at the let’s get started end of the market.

TOP LMS for Training Companies

Nimble Elearning Nimble House Bond’s Mill Estate
Stonehouse GL10 3RF UK

TOP LMS for Training Companies

Unit 55, Batley Business and Technology Centre
Grange Road Batley West Yorkshire WF17 6ER UK

Day One Technologies

This is a new addition to the list of top LMS for training companies, and it’s an intriguing alternative for training providers looking to establish a white label learning platform for their clients on a custom basis. With clients such as Lloyds Business Banking, TSB, and ghd, Day One has built training solutions for some of the largest corporations in the UK and Europe.
Day One’s white label e-learning solutions could be great for producing an engaging, unique experience that fits in smoothly with your existing services. No wonder it’s one of the best LMS for training providers.


LearnUpon is a simple and effective e-learning platform used as an LMS for training companies. It can work with SCORM and other types of information. It is most likely the greatest LMS we are aware of for simply uploading and managing the material. It excels in e-commerce, marketing, and promotion, making it an excellent choice for commercial training providers.
LearnUpon has made significant progress to date, and the company has a solid development pipeline in place, as well as market-leading uptime and product support. Pricing is affordable, and on a pay-as-you-go basis, there are no contractual obligations. Their key feature is the ability to quickly clone customer portals.

TOP LMS for External Training

33 Lower Leeson Street Dublin 2

TOP LMS for Training Companies

Kallidus Limited Westgate House
Gloucestershire UK


Kallidus is the gold standard LMS for training companies in the mid-corporate training arena, with top-notch learner management and reporting capabilities. Kallidus integrates well with blended learning and provides resource management, as well as ROI calculation. The learning administration functionality in Kallidus is outstanding. Kallidus has a strong content development team. They have a good reputation for listening to their clients and offering demos.
Kallidus has a well-defined career path that includes SaaS, mobile, and talent management. Licensing and SaaS options are provided with a great deal of flexibility in pricing.

Wrapping Up

Hundreds of different LMS for training companies are potentially available. However, finding the ideal LMS for a training firm like yours is difficult. Let Paradiso assist you in identifying the most critical features and functions for your training company’s LMS and incorporating them into your bespoke solution. Please get in touch with us anytime, and we are more than happy to help you.

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