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What is Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)?

Before we get into the details of virtual instructor led training, let’s discuss what is virtual instructor led training (VILT). In simple words, VILT is training that is conducted virtually by an instructor using an online tool, when the instructor and learner are in separate locations. It is face-to-face (F2F) classroom training conducted in the virtual environment through an online learning platform like a Learning management system.

One of the fastest-growing methods of online learning, VILT platforms, is a cost-effective and efficient solution for training and development. The growth of VILT method in academics is immense as nowadays, many colleges, schools, and universities are opting for this technique to provide classroom-like learning experiences.

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Top 3 Benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training Software

VILT provides valuable learning experiences to employees, customers, and channel partners and allows them to interact with both the instructor and peers while learning online. With video conferencing tools and webinars, learners can easily connect to real-time training irrespective of their location. There are several advantages of using the VILT method, let’s look into the three key benefits of using this method

Engaging learning experience

  • Engaging learning experience

Virtual Instructor-led training creates an immersive learning experience for learners. The virtual learning instructor platform offers features like poll questions, whiteboards, breakout rooms, and public or private chats. It also comes up with live Q&A sessions that keep learners motivated. You can add interactive video simulations and other related activities that improve the retention rate of the learners.

Better flexibility

  • Better flexibility

It allows the instructor to deliver training virtually, providing great flexibility to both participants and facilitators. The learners get access anytime, anywhere to the online training along with quality advice from experts. Virtual instructor-led training activities can be conducted simultaneously in multiple locations or shared as a recording, enabling learners to learn later.

Cost effectiveness

  • Cost effectiveness

VILT is a cost-effective learning option for both learners and the organization and saves a good amount of money. It also eliminates the cost related to traveling, training materials, accommodation, and admin. This online learning method allows your organizations to scale their training programs and access subject matter expert trainers from all over the world.

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training Best Practices

What virtual instructor-led training best practices can you follow to maximize engagement? If you have no experience with virtual instructor-led training platforms, we will explain to you in detail how to conduct online training sessions smoothly.

It can also help in designing VILT program for your employees. Successful VILT requires the seamless collaboration of three main components: technology, content, and delivery. Let’s discuss the VILT best practices in detail.


Several essential tools, technologies, and virtual instructor-led training software are available in the market that creates appealing VILT sessions for your learners. Here are some of the best tools that help to design and deliver impactful instructor-led online training.

Virtual instructor-led training Technology
Interactive whiteboard

  • Interactive whiteboard

An online interactive whiteboard is a learning space that can be used for both teachers and students to write notes and interact with students in real-time. Whiteboards are used in the traditional classroom to explain the ideas with the students; similarly, digital versions of whiteboards are used for teaching. With the digital whiteboard, the instructor can write down key points or questions and save them for later reference

Breakout rooms

  • Breakout rooms

With the use of breakout rooms in the virtual classroom, you can split the entire group of learners into small groups. It actually allows you to think beyond the box or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that helps cater to different learners’ styles and needs. You can divide learners into groups and assign them topics to work on, making learning more engaging and fun.

Video conferencing tools

  • Video conferencing tools

With the video conferencing tools integration, you can conduct virtual instructor-led training sessions with top audio and video quality. This mobile-friendly tool allows you to connect or attend the class from any device and location. You can also use video conferencing tools for hosting and recording webinars or live lectures without technical interruptions.

Learning management system

  • Learning management system

A learning management system is an essential tool for effective virtual instructor-led training. It allows you to create, manage and deliver online learning programs in just a few clicks. This learning platform comes up with several robust features and solutions that make learning more engaging and fun. LMS integration with video conferencing software can help you to deliver hassle-free training sessions.

Training content

VILT programs require a different designing approach than traditional classroom or online asynchronous programs. You have to make content more engaging and collaborative for your learners. The training content must be developed with maximum student engagement in mind. Use visual elements with moderation, add animated videos, colorful infographics to engagement and increase training effectiveness.

Virtual instructor-led training- Training Content

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Training delivery

The success of virtual training depends on the instructor’s knowledge and skills. The instructor must be a good communicator to deliver a compelling VILT session. Below tips that can help you in designing VILT program quickly. Let’s discuss five effective tips to conduct a practical virtual training session.

Virtual instructor led training- Training delivery
Make it more interactive

  • Make it more interactive

Encourage your learners to interact more by using interactive features like polls, breakout groups, quizzes, and more. You can use screen sharing, video conferencing tools, and whiteboards for active discussion. Features like social and collaborative learning help the learners to share their knowledge with the peers.

Keep it short and sweet

  • Keep it short and sweet

Rather than conducting the long boring session, try to keep your VILT session short and limit it up to 30 to 35 minutes. Try to use simple and clear sentences and avoid using heavy words or jargon. Give short breaks and allow them to process the information, or else they will get overwhelmed.

Practice by yourself

  • Practice by yourself

Prior to your VILT class, practice giving the class to an empty virtual classroom, review your materials, and get comfortable with the software and its features. Do a test run to make sure that everything’s working, and try to find out how to troubleshoot technical issues.

Consider an assistant instructor

  • Consider an assistant instructor

You should take help of your colleague or a person who is more familiar with the VILT software if you are teaching your first VILT class that has a larger group of learners. An assistant can provide support and monitor incoming questions, queries, chat messages that help you to focus on providing training.

Use the right learning platform

  • Use the right learning platform

Use the best online learning platform like Paradiso LMS to conduct virtual instructor-led training sessions. Paradiso LMS is a feature-rich modern learning platform that supports easy access, screen sharing, breakout room, polling, video conferencing, integration with different apps and software, and so on. It also comes up with an interactive whiteboard and gamification feature that makes learning interesting.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping It Up

Conducting VILT is challenging as, most of the time, it is compared with traditional classroom learning. But thanks to advanced technologies that make VILT sessions more interesting and offer a classroom-like learning experience. This method of online learning is gaining more popularity for its flexibility and effectiveness. If you are looking for a feature-rich modern learning platform, try Paradiso LMS that offers the best VILT experience.

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