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Best cloud-based LMS software

The implementation and set up for a web-based learning management system is directly from a private cloud that usually the LMS provider has available for cloud users and, since this type of LMS is hosted in an external cloud, is notoriously more affordable.

Affordable web-based LMS

A Web-based LMS is a great choice if the budget is limited but the training necessities require a strong LMS software. Its features allow access from mobile devices and the content will be more accessible for the users as it is permanently hosted in the cloud.

Embraces anytime anywhere learning

A good thing about a Web-based Learning Management System is that you don’t have to worry about anything that has to do with the Cloud. The LMS provider has to make sure that your LMS works correctly all the time.

LMS Features

Paradiso web-based LMS features

Our Web-based Learning Management System has the most number of features and integrations at an affordable price range. You can easily create, customize and deliver online training or courses that would let you get to the next level. You can find more than hundred out-of-the-box integrations with numerous enterprise applications including Salesforce, PeopleSoft, Google Apps and WebEx.

Fully Customizable:

Our custom branding settings allow you to fully customize your LMS. Your own logo, styling, theme and custom domain. Make your LMS look and feel the way you dream it. Paradiso’s customizable LMS modular design, HTML templates and integrated content management system allow endless site layout opportunities with hundreds of available extensions.

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Fully Customizable
Mobile compatibility

Mobile compatibility:

Paradiso web-based Learning Management System App brings a fully equipped package of its multilingual LMS platform. It is available in offline mode and could be easily branded and customized, which make it a perfect ally for your corporation.

Competencies and Learning plans:

You are able to create learning plans templates for general purposes or personalize them according to a special training need or to achieve specific competencies. This feature helps you to lead the trainees on a set of different activities in order to get specific knowledge.

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Competencies and Learning plans
Documentation portal

Documentation portal:

Our helpdesk has been updated with the documentation of each of the features of LMS. You can now find a search bar that will help you find all the information you need such as course enrollment, resources, editing, educators quick guide, tracking progress, learner’s enrollment, etc. With documentation, users get a detailed knowledge about features and functionality of the training software.

User tours:

This is an option that you could activate before you go to any page in the LMS. Users can take a tour through the platform to explain any feature or activity. Training and learning become easy when users know the accessibility of the LMS system. User tours also help the newly enrolled learners to get a hand on the software.

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User tours
GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance:

PLMS 9.0 is perfectly designed to be GDPR compliant. Paradiso all the features and tools required by the law so the client can easily comply with LMS GDPR. Paradiso web based LMS complies with standing national law and international regulation regarding privacy and security issues.


We have developed a team of world-class service and support professionals. Paradiso team will always be there for you from initial setup, to maintenance, to upgrade requests, or general questions. Support also comes in the form of online FAQs, knowledge base, user community, LIVE chat, webinars, email, and phone support.

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Web Based LMS

Benefits of acquiring a web-based Learning Management System

With a Web-Based LMS, your students can take the courses anytime, anywhere, injecting interactivity and flexibility to your programs.

You would be able to optimize time and resources and keep your data safe.

Upgrade your users’ knowledge and help them grow to the next level with personalized daily learning.

Keep tracking the eLearning process through online and robust reports.

Recognize successful completion of training or course by the way of awarding certificates.

An environment that is conducive to higher learning.

Paradiso web based LMS comes with functionality of engaging learners online as well as giving them an engaging classroom experience. This process of blended learning creates an engaging online space where learners can engage with experts, ask questions and get answers. They can also choose to complete their courses anytime and anywhere.

Paradiso web-based Learner Management System could be integrated with over 100 other software, such as CRM platforms, CSM, eCommerce, web conferencing, collaboration , sharing and storage tools, among others, allowing you to manage all the information in the same place.

Powerful LMS

Paradiso Cloud-based Learning Management System Simple yet Powerful LMS

Course selling, gamification, interactive content, custom integrations, social and blended learning, learning paths, performance management, course library, 100+ integrations, 120+ languages, etc.

All you need in just one completed platform!

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LMS Integrates

Our E-Learning Management System Integrates With

LMS integration with Zoom
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