Paradiso Solutions Webinar Series

Paradiso Solutions is all about upskilling and empowering corporate professionals. Find us hosting a wide range of webinars on eLearning/training trends and intelligent reskilling strategies for all industries and professionals, featuring partners and SME Paradiso trainers. Check upcoming webinars below to save a seat!

Paradiso Webinar Series

On-Demand Webinars

You can increase your level of competence in a selected subject with the help of this collection of live expert sessions. If you missed a webinar, feel free to watch the recording.

Leverage the Power of AI to Transform your Training and Education Programs!

This webinar is your gateway to leading your organization to success in the rapidly changing education and training landscape.

Date: 24th January 2024

ON Demand

1 hour

Accelerate Transformation: Align L&D efforts with your business Goals

How to develop learning strategies that align with the business and create a learning experience that impacts performance

Date: 28th June 2022

ON Demand

1 hour

Paradiso Software Web Conferencing Tool

In this Webinar, Learn about the web conferencing tool and its features that make conferencing in a large group possible and efficient.

Date: May 18, 2020

ON Demand

1 min 26 sec

How to make Training Robust and Engaging with iSpring Toolkit and Paradiso LMS

In this webinar, learn about how to make training robust and engaging with iSpring Suite and deliver them to your learners via Paradiso LMS, with ease.

Date: May 11 2022

ON Demand

47 min 07 sec

eCommerce for eLearning made easy with Paradiso LMS

How you can create and sell courses online in fraction of seconds using your own account and Paradiso learning management system

Date: 7th November 2017

ON Demand

20 Mins

Salesforce-based LMS for Sales / Employee / Partner & Customer Training

In this webinar, you will understand how using Salesforce based LMS can help you train your Sales/Partner/Customer/Employees better. You’ll understand the benefits of integrating your Salesforce with Paradiso LMS.

Date: 11th October 2017

ON Demand

38 Mins

How to Build a Best of Breed Commercial Learning Machine?

In this webinar, you will understand It’s not an easy pick when you are trying to buy an LMS. As a training industry that thrives on the ‘right kind of’ LMS, it is very important that you weigh everything.

Date: 16th May 2017

ON Demand

1 hour

Importance of gamification in onboarding

The webinar unfolds the importance of gamification, talks about the onboarding process and the importance of gamification in onboarding.

Date: 2 Aug 2016

ON Demand

51 min 48 sec

Roles of teachers in e-learning: Virtual Classroom & LMS

In this webinar we’ll go through the technological advancements and the use of Artificial intelligence. Further it talks about the types of teaching methods, ecommerce in education, assessments etc.

Date: 2 Aug 2016

ON Demand

46 min 57 sec

Gamification In eLearning – What It Is and How to get started

This webinar explores what gamification is for elearning & how gamification can be used to create more meaningful, engaging & interactive elearning.

Date: 5th July 2016

ON Demand

56:00 Mins

Moodle / totara /PLMS Salesforce Integration

In this Webinar, Learn complete two­-way integration between Moodle and Salesforce. You can access Moodle from inside Salesforce through our Salesforce Moodle Connector.

Date: 15th May 2015

ON Demand

38:24 Mins

Hone your eLearning with Paradiso Webinars

Every week, we host webinars and base our topic selection on the trendiest eLearning trends and the most frequently asked questions by customers. You can ask questions directly to industry professionals during the webinars and receive practical advice and real-world examples that you can use in your eLearning project.

Live Expert Training

LIVE Q&A with the speaker

Get advice on using eLearning technologies by chatting live with subject matter experts.

Understand Industry Insights and Opportunities

Understand Industry Insights and Opportunities

See how actual businesses use eLearning and the outcomes they achieve to get some fresh ideas for your project.

Development Trends in e-learning

Development Trends in e-learning

Follow the most recent techniques and tools for eLearning authoring.

What our Clients Say About Us

Webinar partcipant

@Feric Stalin B

Clari5 L&D – CustomerXPs Software

Paradiso consistently showcased expertise in addressing our application queries, ensuring timely resolutions. Their support has been instrumental, creating a positive environment. We highly recommend them for outstanding assistance and look forward to more collaborative efforts.

Webinar partcipant

@Andrew Ong


I worked closely with Paradiso on the successful Go-live of one of our project. Their team’s unwavering dedication, professionalism, and expertise set them apart. The project’s success reflects their commitment to excellence, making them a reliable and innovative partner. I’m confident in recommending their invaluable services to any organization seeking top-notch solutions and a trustworthy collaborator.

Webinar partcipant

@Ken Robinson

Absolute Training Systems

Paradiso’s exceptional accessibility to our LMS discussion information has been crucial to our operations. We sincerely appreciate their dedicated support, consistently making us feel supported and at ease with their diligent work in the background.

I am not a Paradiso customer. Can I Participate?

Yes, you can. For both new and returning customers, the sessions are free.

What if I sign up but am unable to attend?

All is well. You can sign up for a different session at a more appropriate time.

Will the Webinars be recorded?

These demos are not recorded, but you are invited to sign up for another if you missed the first or need a reminder.

Can I ask queries?

Absolutely! You are the focus of these sessions. So, bring your question and take part in the Q&A session.

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