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Align L&D efforts with your business Goals

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Accelerate Transformation Sachin Chaudhari

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Without clear alignment between the learning strategy and business outcomes, companies struggle to create and deploy learning programs that meet employees’ performance needs. In such a scenario, employees are not aligned with shared business outcomes. This has a high impact on business goals, rendering the learning strategy ineffective and ultimately unimportant.

These reasons make it imperative to align L&D efforts with your business goals.

What you’ll learn –

  • How to develop learning strategies that align with the business and create learning experiences that impact performance.
  • How to break down & understand the organization as well as business unit initiatives.
  • How to get attention from top-level executives by understanding their initiatives and goals.
  • How to create and measure the impact of your L&D efforts and be the agents of transformation.


Sachin Chaudhari

Sachin Chaudhari

Founder & CEO – Paradiso


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