Moodle / totara /PLMS Salesforce Integration

Moodle PLMS Salesforce Integration
Webinars Moodle / totara /PLMS Salesforce Integration

About this Webinar

The webinar is about Moodle, LMS, Totara, and training types. What are the different roles in an organization who require CRM. It also shows the importance of LMS and CRM integration and how it streamlines the training in an organization. The above is shown through cases studies and examples for better understanding.

What you’ll learn?

  • The individual features of LMS, CRM and other business tools.
  • What are the features and how do they create an impact in business.
  • Roles who require CRM and for what.
  • In depth learning of the CRM and LMS and how it creates an impact.

Event Details

15th May 2015
38:24 sec


Sachin Chaudhari
Founder & CEOParadiso Solutions

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