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Learning is a continuous process! Moreover, to innovate something new all require learning. For staying competitive in today’s global market, organizations have realized that it is mandatory to sustain more and more knowledge. Apart from this, the continuous learning to learn new skills and knowledge can be encouraged through online learning platforms. For that, choosing the right learning management system for effective learning and training is extremely important. The best LMS software with advanced features can help to achieve the learning goals. But, the technical term Learning management system(LMS), what does LMS mean?. The Paradiso solutions can simplify the answer to the questions on LMS, such as What is an LMS? Who uses it? What is the need of an LMS? And clarify other basic concepts.

What is a Learning Management System?

LMS is a software designed specifically to create, manage, and deliver online educational courses. The cloud-based LMS software can improve the online learning experience, make it faster, productive, cost-effective, and trackable. In simple words, what is the meaning of LMS? the Learning Management System is a dynamic web-based system that allows for easy management and delivery of online courses as well as online training programs.

The LMS operates inside of a web browser and has a secured sign on process. The login is the first page that acts as the main gateway to the main portal where users enter their e-learning login details to access the online or virtual classes. Students and instructors can easily access courses and administrators as well as leaders can monitor student progress and make improvements.

What is the Primary Role of an LMS?

The LMS can help to grow your business in several ways. The primary role of the LMS is to create, organize, and track online learning and training activities. The Schools, colleges, and universities apply LMS systems to deliver eLearning courses in their online learning programs in addition to their on-campus courses.

Similarly, corporate training executives use the systems to deliver online training programs and automate record-keeping and employee cataloging to improve their skills and also reach better results. For example, the organization uses LMS for employee onboarding to help newcomers learn more about business procedures, products, and services and acquire specific skills. Through this, the whole process of training will become smooth and easy.

Basically, LMS was created to make the online learning and training process easier.

Who uses an LMS?

An LMS or Learning Management System can be used in almost every industry. Its flexibility and multiple possibilities allow its implementation from manufacturing industries to high schools. Various schools, colleges, and universities apply LMS systems to deliver online courses in their online learning programs in addition to their on-campus courses.


The companies need to continuously train their employees and use LMS software to develop their skills with fewer human resources and training costs. The companies also train the resellers, franchisees, dealers, and other channel members on new products, compliance requirements, and more. Paradiso offers an LMS that facilitates delivery, assignment, and advanced training reports.

Nonprofit organizations

It is challenging for NPOs to deliver training to hundreds of volunteers with limited resources. Our affordable LMS can provide central access to volunteers and staff for online training courses and reduces repetitive training duties as well as the overall associated cost.
We provide an end-to-end learning management solution that enables organizations and institutions to use mobile, social, and video technologies to efficiently manage their online learning program and improve the quality of the education, productivity and keep the learners motivated.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions use LMS to assign online learning, provide educational resources, and track students’ learning paths.

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Key Advantages of LMS

A well-implemented and affordable LMS offers several inherent benefits listed below:

  • The right LMS can help to cut the cost of traditional classroom teaching methods. This online learning platform allows learners to study online at their own pace anytime, anywhere!
  • With an LMS, you can track the progress of your learners quickly and easily. You can even keep a watch on their milestones like, who finished the course, who is halfway and who didn’t even start the course.
  • You can easily combine the text, images, videos and more to make engaging eLearning courses for your students. Moreover, the implementation of tools such as gamification will considerably increase the participation and motivation of apprentices.
  • The mobile-ready learning management system offers a great user experience to the learners. The students can go through their eLearning courses anytime, anywhere, without any limitation. Such a flexible option is helpful for those learners who have to travel a lot and study at the same time.
  • With a cloud-based LMS, your eLearning material is saved on the cloud, allowing the learners to access eLearning courses wherever and whenever they want. The risk of losing data is reduced as all the information is saved on a secured remote server.
What is a Learning Management System - LMS

Corporate LMS vs. Academic LMS

You have to be very careful while selecting the LMS, if you don’t pick the right one, your audience or learner will face problems. In fact, both instructors and learners won’t get the best learning outcomes and will end up wasting money and time. Here we are talking about academic LMS and Corporate LMS

There are some common things shared by both the LMS.

  • Both LMS provide remote access to eLearning courses (educational and training courses) online.
  • Both have authoring tools to create and manage the eLearning courses
  • Both automate the different aspects of the education and training processes, including registrations, assignments, tracking completion level, advanced reporting, and more

User’s learning needs

In academic teaching, the focus is given to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject, including theoretical foundations. On the other hand, corporate training focuses on practical learning and applications.

Frequency of updates

The academic LMS doesn’t need to update the courses frequently, as it is based upon science and humanities. Contrary to this, the business trends are changing every day, and employees have to stay updated to meet organizational needs.

Course Timeline

The academic calendar of any educational institute is described in years, semesters, quarters, trimesters etc. the timeline of courses is usually longer than corporate training. The course duration in corporate training is short and dynamic as Business needs, changing market trends, and seasonal demands affect corporate training courses' length and frequency.

Technical requirements

In academic LMS, the Single sign-on (SSO) is simpler as the IT needs are very basic. While in corporate, LMS has to be well advanced and support Active Directory, LDAP, or SAML identity providers.
The education LMS requires standard LMS integrations including, Microsoft Office or Google Drive formats, Adobe PDF, and more. However, the other one offers integration with software like CRM, ERP, HRIS, as well as offers integration with all enterprise data formats. Apart from this, it should have excellent importing and exporting capabilities to make the data movement easier and faster.

Sectoral LMS!

Healthcare LMS

Healthcare is the dynamic sector where medical professionals need to update their knowledge and skills regularly. For the hospitals to improve patient care and stay competitive, staff training is the need of the hour. The well-implemented LMS can help the hospitals to organize online training courses as well as manage and track the learner’s progress and improve the learning experience with reduced cost.

Government LMS

The Government Sector agencies need to implement continuous learning as part of their work process to improve the performance and overall development of their staff. However, the training needs of Government Sector agencies are very different from their private sector counterparts. An affordable LMS software can help them to fulfill the diverse learning needs easily in a cost effective way.

Retail LMS

A Retail LMS will help you get cost efficient onboarding processes with a blend of traditional classroom learning and interactive online training courses. You would also be able to increase employee knowledge about the company’s products/services, customer handling processes, etc. The best part is that you can have training at any time, anywhere with facilities of mobile learning or offline learning capabilities and regulated employee performance tracking advanced reporting and analytics features.

Transportation LMS

The transportation companies require to provide the best training to all employees, from drivers to mechanics to office personnel. A well-implemented transportation LMS will help the transportation industry effectively organize the same online training courses for all of them, tracking their process while reducing time and costs.

LMS for Manufacturing

For manufacturing companies, the challenges are endless but regulatory compliance is the biggest one. The Manufacturing LMS provides a platform to train the workers from the factory floor to the sales team dealing directly with customers. The online training platform can help to create, assign courses, and track all learning activity and assessment results. With the best LMS software, the hurdles of manually tracking completions and compliance training can be eliminated.

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