What is an eLearning Authoring Tools?

An authoring tools to assists you in creating digital eLearning content

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Paradiso Composer
Best eLearning Authoring Tool

Paradiso Composer is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool designed and made to meet the competing market needs. The tool makes user engagement and learning easy and quick. The user-friendly interface and ready to use content make it readily available to use for training and learning purposes. It gives you the comfort of uploading images, content, videos and presentations in no time. The authoring tool does not require any prior training to become functional.

Paradiso Composer is an entirely customizable authoring tool which comes with SCORM compliance. You can edit and make presentations as per your standards to meet your learning goals. You can turn your PPTs to SCORM complaint course as this results in enhanced user engagement. The wide range of complementary versatile features of the SCORM authoring tool is another reason for choosing Paradiso Composer.

What is Content Authoring Tool?

An authoring tool is a specially designed software for the users to help them deliver eLearning hassle free. content authoring tool makes content creation easy as they provide templates and easy to customize options. The content once created needs to be aligned to make it accessible to the audience. A content authoring tool ensures that the uploaded content is SCORM, Tin Can, HTML5 complaint. The authoring tool can be aligned with your LMS system to create a stop learning environment.

How do authoring tools work?

You want to upload bulk content on your system which can be accessed by the learners. An content authoring tool will help in content creation and delivering it. It saves time, effort and resource as no codes are used in content creation. An authoring tool lets you drag and drop and create engaging content in less time. It also offers a user-friendly interface which makes content creation and learning feasible.

How to Choose the Best eLearning Authoring Tools

Using the best eLearning authoring tool is a conscious choice which one should make. The utilities may differ for everyone so you should look at the features before buying one. List down your requirements from the authoring tool and then match them with the features offered by the tool. Analyse whether your expectations match with the listed specifications. Paradiso Composer is the best cloud-based eLearning authoring tool with versatile features. Also, the tool requires no training therefore is ready to use and creates an impact in the learning process.

Types of eLearning Authoring Tools

There are two categories in which authoring tools can be described as- Desktop-based and cloud-based authoring tools. Let’s explore them in depth.

  • Cloud-based eLearning Authoring tool: These tools are cloud applications that are installed on a cloud server and use the web browser as the application interface, as opposed to being installed on your local computer. Some of these cloud-based authoring tools require installation of a thin desktop client or a browser plug-in.
  • Desktop-based eLearning authoring tool: Since they cannot be used cooperatively, many vendors are abandoning desktop-based authoring tools, but others still provide them. Applications that are installed on a computer’s desktop typically function better and offer more capabilities than their web-based counterparts. Due to their high minimum performance requirements, several desktop tools (such those with video editing features) don’t have web counterparts.

What does SCORM authoring tool mean?

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliance means that the learning management system (LMS) and content uploaded on the eLearning software is interoperable. If your content is SCORM complaint it can be uploaded on any LMS and it would be accessible to the learners. You can accelerate your training programs with efficiency if you have SCORM complaint training software, SCORM authoring tools and a SCORM complaint LMS. Integrating these tools can help you align the training and learning process smoothly.

Top 12 Key eLearning Authoring Tools Features to Look For

Advanced Quizzes


Quizzes are a powerful engaging tool while learning. An eLearning authoring tool gives you the flexibility to design and customize quizzes according to various domains using captivating templates and themes.

AI Voice over with ease

AI Voice over
with ease

A good voiceover is an important feature in the eLearning authoring tool for delivering the best content. The ai based voice over uses a synthetic voice to engage with the listeners. The text is converted into human recognizable speech.

Screen Recorder


Screen recorder is a great video authoring tool that enhances engagement and retention of learners. This feature can be used to record lectures so that learners can revisit them to have a deeper understanding of the topics. Also, they can be utilized for further batches and reduce effort from scratch.

Interactive Video


Videos are more engaging and therefore make learning more effective. The learners can acquire more knowledge by actively participating in scenario-based learning through pop-ups, markers, games, buttons, scrolling panels etc.

Branching and Navigation

Branching and

This technique of learning is used in many courses which navigate the learners to go through a certain pathway. In the branching-based learning the course is presented by making choices. It is designed in the form of a role play where choices are made based on the scenarios.

SCORM Compliance


The e-learning authoring tools should be compatible in meeting the content standards. SCORM is a file type that is complaint with the LMS system which makes integration between the LMS and e-learnings.

Dynamic Presentations


No more boring presentations as you can add a twist and make them interesting. This feature allows you to add clickable images, multiple choice questions, videos, texts and innovative backgrounds to deliver presentations.

Readymade Templates and Theme

Templates and Theme

The authoring team facilitates you with numerous templates to make your job easy. You can quickly create handbooks and documents using the readily available templates. Also, you can customize them as per your requirements.

50+ Content Types

Content Types

50 different content types such as Accordion, Flash Cards, Interactive image, Documentation and many others: Make use of gamification in your eLearning's to make learning enjoyable and engaging.

Game Templates


Adding games is an effective technique to enhance user engagement. It gives them a sense of competition and will to collaborate. You can choose and create exciting games using readily available templates of games such as Jeopardy, Travel adventure, travel etc.

Mobile Learning


The highly responsive feature of the eLearning authoring tool gives you the flexibility to learn from mobile phone as well. You can connect through them and access the content anytime anywhere.

Integration with social media

with social media

Integrating social media with learning is the need of the hour. Paradiso Composer adds social media tools for collaboration and user engagement. This also helps in creating brand awareness among the target audience.

Top 10 eLearning Authoring Tools to watch in 2023

Paradiso Composer

This is the quickest, easiest and ready to use eLearning authoring tool. It has multiple users engaging features like AI voice over, screen recording, interactive videos, advanced quizzes and dynamic presentation making options that makes it the best tool for eLearning. You can customize and create your own courses using the drag and drop feature.

e-learning authoring tool
adobe captivate screenshot

Adobe Captivate

It is a desktop friendly e-learning tool which also supports mobile HTML5 content. Captivate can be customized and is often preferred by developers who are indulged in creating custom interactions, complex simulations and virtual reality learning experience.


It is an easy-to-use simple online eLearning authoring tool and uses templates called blueprints. There are many features you can expect from this HTML5 authoring tool.

elucidat screenshot
lectora screenshot

Lectora Online Authoring

This authoring tool features Responsive Course Design (RCD). The tool comes with a high level of customization along with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Gomo Learning

This authoring tool uses cloud-based technology and offers a mobile first approach. The tool enables you to create, deliver and track eLearning content in a unified manner.

gomo learning screenshot
articulate storyline screenshot

Articulate Storyline

It is a subscription-based e-learning package which includes desktop authoring tool and Plus Rise which is a web-based cloud app for course creation. It is a user friendly and responsive tool with an inbuilt content library and illustrations.

iSpring Suite

It is a desktop-based eLearning authoring tool kit which is fully loaded with features. It is a multi-device compatible tool with slides quizzes, video lectures and PPTs.

ispring screenshot
easygenerator screenshot


This authoring tool is quick and up to date in creating and collaborating your content online. Subject matter experts can create interactive content and track the progress of the learners through this tool.


It is a traditional course builder which has three main authoring modules. Creating eLearning content via templates is now easy with the help of this cloud-based authoring system.

dominknow screenshot
articulate rise screenshot

Articulate Rise

Articulate rise is a light weight web application tool that allows users to generate story boards and mobile responsive content. It uses pre-built interactions and drag and drop content blogs to build out your learning, making it easy to create high quality interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Why Do you Need an Authoring tool?

Authoring tools make creating and publishing online courses easy. There are various templates by which courses can be manually made instead of using codes. An authoring tool will handle the designing, creation and development of course reducing your dependency on various resources. Choosing Paradiso eLearning authoring tool gives you a user-friendly interface to make learning more effective.

What should I look for in an Authoring tool?

An authoring tool must have versatile features like AI voiceover, dynamic presentations, branching, screen recording, SCORM compliance etc. These features make content creation and delivery much easier. If you are looking for an authoring tool with all the above-listed features and more, Paradiso Composer is the solution.

Can I try Paradiso Composer before I buy it?

Yes, you can take the Paradiso Composer’s free 7-day trial before purchasing it. During the trial you can look at the effective features that will help in making content engaging for your learners.

How much does Paradiso Composer Cost?

The cost of Paradiso Composer varies depending upon your region. However, the cost of the authoring tool ranges from $29=119.

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