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Xoxoday Rewards – A simplified solution

Xoxoday LMS integration helps create customized workflows in minutes without the need for complicated code or developer assistance. Work with your favorite apps and Learning Management System to run more brilliant rewards, incentives, and loyalty programs.

What is Xoxoday?

Xoxoday assists businesses in creating an engaged and happy workforce. They help companies resolve mission-critical issues such as employee turnover, attrition, and productivity. In addition, Xoxoday enables the cost-effective creation of an enterprise-level digital rewards program. Additionally, they simplify business-to-business branded currency programs and enhance the end-user gratification experience.

what is xoxoday
Xoxoday Plum Integration

Paradiso Xoxoday Plum Integration

Using Paradiso Xoxoday Plum Integration, you can use a reward system to motivate your employees or learners. The integration enables purchased points to be used to reward LMS users. Xoxoday points can be redeemed for experiences, gifts, vouchers, perks, and other offers tailored to a corporate audience.

How does Paradiso Xoxoday Plum Integration Works?

Through rewards & recognition, incentive & out-of-the-box loyalty programs, Xoxoday’s products enable organizations to improve the employee experience. Xoxoday Plum Integration assists in simplifying your digital rewards and recognition program across your employees, channels, and consumers, resulting in improved employee experiences that translate into an improved customer experience.

Benefits of Paradiso Xoxoday Plum LMS Integration

A single solution with all of the tools, insights, and services you need to simplify and lower the cost of benefits while also increasing their ability to foster a healthy, happy, and productive workforce.

Benefits of Xoxoday Plum LMS Integration
  • Paradiso Xoxoday Plum LMS integration provides immediate gratification for good work done and encourages trainers and learners to behave correctly.
  • Learners, instructors, and employees are inspired to do more.
  • A wide range of reward options, ranging from fine dining to adventure, health and wellness options, and so on, resulted in more engaged LMS users.
  • Goals can be tied to rewards, such as completing ten chapters per day.

The Xoxoday LMS integration offers a variety of integration options that help simplify the overall benefits program by lowering the complexity and cost of benefits.

Paradiso-Xoxoday Plum Integration

Paradiso faced several challenges, including the ever-increasing digital noise in prospect engagement, the need to engage them across multiple channels effectively, and a drop in registrations, sign-ups, and conversions.

Paradiso Xoxoday Plum integration has enabled Paradiso to engage prospects and customers with personalized rewards, incentives, gift cards, and more, thanks to the integration of Xoxoday Plum and other business-critical software. Furthermore, we can create custom triggers to track user behavior and reward them instantly for completing specific tasks.

“Paradiso LMS is highly customizable and versatile platform with 100+ other integrations.”


Advantages of Xoxoday Plum
Integration for LMS

Obtain a global scale

Obtain a global scale

Instantly pay claims to your employees and students via pre-paid digital pathways using xoxoday plum integration.



Increase learner value while lowering costs and streamlining your training processes. In addition, users of the LMS will appreciate a more efficient and straightforward refund process.

LMS Rewards

LMS Rewards

All-in-one digital rewards and incentives platform that scales with your LMS. Learners using the LMS worldwide can buy, deliver, and track digital gift cards from thousands of popular brands.

Automated Reward Systems

Automated Reward Systems

Paradiso Xoxoday plum integration to send rewards instantly in workflows and keeps your users engaged and motivated throughout the learning journey.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Reporting

Obtain information on the success of your rewards program by receiving reports in email inboxes or by using the dashboard.

Personalized Payouts

Personalized Payouts

Thanks to various secure and reliable global payout methods, it's never been easier to attract and retain the flexible employee base you need to train.

In a nutshell, what the
Xoxoday LMS integration accomplishes


Plum integrates seamlessly with Paradiso LMS to give learners a gamified view of the platform from anywhere, at any time.

Workflow-based Automatic Rewarding

Custom workflows and triggers can be set up to automate sending, tracking, and managing rewards, incentives, gift cards, and other similar items.

Approval Based Workflow

Xoxoday Plum provides you with an integrated approval process, giving Paradiso LMS greater control over the entire process.


Your learners can choose from an extensive global catalogue of 5000+ experiences, 3000+ gift vouchers, and 12000+ perks on Xoxoday's storefront.

Simplify and Standardize Rewards and Incentives systems universally across your organization effortlessly with Xoxo and LMS rewards integrations.

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