Custom eLearning Course Development

If you aren’t a tech savvy person and simply require a learning management system (LMS) then you can’t go wrong with a prebuilt, ready to use an instruction course. However, if you are in need of a course which would fit all of your technological/educational needs you may consider building your own custom eLearning course. In order to design one that fits your organization’s requirements you will need to do some thorough research and preparation. So let’s discuss the aspects which you must consider to successfully start an elearning course development process for your business.



For many companies, it is essential that their custom eLearning course implements the company’s image and services in an accurate and positive manner. Most people will have an idea of what kind of image their company wants to convey. Therefore, it is possible for the designers and developers to take this idea and create a custom elearning course which will showcase the business and its products in the most convenient and efficient way. The designer and developers will have to focus on style, choice of colors, layout and the services which must be provided.


One of the most important aspects of your company’s branding is the graphics. The overall look and feel of your custom eLearning course development process will contribute to the client/employee’s instruction experience. The environment of your course will be set by the graphics you decide upon. Therefore, it’s important to design a user friendly interface, fonts and an appropriate logo which displays your company in a positive light. Producing high quality graphics will help you attract more clients to your courses and improve the image of your organization.


Accessibility is also of extreme importance when planning the development of your custom eLearning courses. You must consider the users who may not always have access to their desktop. Therefore, your course should be available to both on IOS and Android devices to provide on-the-go access to the clients. This will be an attractive and convenient feature to include.


A popular feature of the custom eLearning courses is the interactivity and its implementation into the instruction environment. Depending on your course and materials, you may add many features such as quizzes, games, social media integrations, badges, wikis and tips. It will enhance the client’s experience while providing him with additional information. These features should be user friendly with an appropriate function. Be sure to develop suitable designs for these features so that they stand out among the page content.

Development Tools

In order to customize an elearning course development plan, first you need to decide what are your needs and the type of courses you need to be build. From there, you may use many tools available to showcase your information such as Articulate, Captiva, Lectora ect. in an efficient manner. Organization is key when it comes to build one. Don’t go overboard and create a complicated looking course with endless amounts of information. Keep your information short, precise and understandable. You want your platform to look clean, modern and user friendly, that’s the reason we use very well-known design tools to develop the platform’s graphics and its content, tools like Articulate studio, Captivate,  Lectore Inspire, among others.

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