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Paradiso Solutions- Offering top-notch instructional design services

Paradiso Solutions instructional design and development activities are based on classical instructional design models while utilizing contemporary approaches to designing learning.

With emerging technology trends in e-learning industry, instructional design solutions have become a growing demand as compared to traditional pre-programmed lessons. Our partnership with clients supports an interactive process that improves the efficiencies in design and development but most importantly – the outcome.

Being an integral and indispensable part of e-learning solutions, instructional design services add value to your employee training initiatives by providing subject matter expertise and training project management to your courses. Our instructional design consultants create online courses through a variety of learning modalities including: Web-based training, Classroom-based training, Virtual Classroom Training, Mobile-based training, Performance Support.

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Instructional designers at Paradiso will work with you to develop a learning solution that will benefit both your learners and your company.

instructional design

Corporate Instructional Design Services through Paradiso

An instructional design consulting service provider, Paradiso eLearning offers corporate instructional design services and handles every step, every aspect of the development of your project. This includes finding and hiring subject matter experts, developing the critical path and storyboards, writing course outcomes and objectives, developing content and scripts, recording audio, e-learning course development, and LMS programming and integration.

  • Analysis

Designing and building a training program for learners will require analysis of the learners. There might be a section of engineers and a section of sales executives involved in the training program. Proper understanding of learners’ present performance level and future potential must be gauged in this stage. Apart from it, instructional analysis also comprises of target trainee analysis, instructional goal analysis, performance analysis, and content analysis.

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Analysis in Instructional design
Design in instructional Design service
  • Design

During the curriculum development, decisions such as whether the course will be administered online or offline and whether a subject matter expert will be present are made during course design. Additionally, in this stage of instructional design services, decisions on the types of concepts to be addressed and their association to performance gaps are made.

  • Storyboarding

The story board is the most detailed, conceptual view of your idea. It provides a screen-by-screen illustration of instructional strategy with actual visuals, audio and text. Different instructional approaches such as learning games, simulations, quizzes etc. are evaluated to see which best suits the desired learning goal.

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Storyboarding in Instructional design
Development in Instructional Design
  • Development

Development begins only after the client has given his/her approval to the course design – outline, performance objectives, activities, and evaluation. Instructional designers use the blueprint, “course design” to build the content for each lesson. It’s the trainer’s job to bring the objectives, content, and activities to life with motivation, articulation, and excitement.

  • Evaluation

Trainers and client review the course one last time before its implementation to the participants, department or even company-wide audience. It helps the development team – including the training experts, SMEs, instructors, instructional designers gather feedback from actual participants in a real-world setting.

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Evaluation in Instructional Design
instructional design

Strategies to maximize online course potential through instructional design solutions

  • Microlearning

    Instructional designers can implement this learning strategy and come up with small chunks of content either in the form of interactive videos, infographics or an augmented reality. This technique works better when used in conjunction with formal training. For example, it can be used to follow up on what was discussed at a professional learning event during a conference or workshop. This is a fantastic choice for instructional designers who are having trouble keeping their students' attention. Microlearning’s simple format of microlearning allows learners to take brief breaks during their day rather than interrupting it for long periods of time.

  • Customization

    Instructional designers can customize the format of content delivery, like using audio/video/text, or changing the degree of interactions. Each employee can gain a better understanding of their job, the benefits they can expect, how their responsibilities can evolve, and the resources available to them through personalized training. Instructional designers can create ready-made pages comprising of challenges, polls, videos, expert guidance and then set up rules around what content to show and when. If learners, for example, are highly confident but inexperienced, give them a challenge with some accompanying expert guidance.

  • Retrieval

    This strategy can help instructional design firms to gauge how much is the learner able to recall content and improve his/her performance. Through retrieval instructional design firm can implement simple courses by presenting them with multiple choice questions after the course ends. Paradiso learning makes sure the challenge is appropriate so low-stakes questions offering a low incentive and multiple attempts throughout the course helps people understand the content better.

  • Feedback

    Giving learners feedback is critical for both education and motivation. Informative, tailored, and instructional feedback is good but intrinsic feedback is usually better. Make sure your learners know why their answers were right or wrong. Instructional design consulting service provider such as Paradiso Solutions places learning objectives into a real-world scenario. This shows the consequences of the learner’s actions as well as provides context and makes the learning more meaningful, leading better recollection and application.

instructional design

Why Choose Paradiso for Instructional Design?

  • First, ask yourself who will be using the LMS?

    Save your time and Effort

    Paradiso eLearning solution offers pre-designed courses have been developed to save you the time, effort, and money otherwise needed to invest in sourcing or developing a tailored e-Learning solution that meets your training requirements.

  • Mobile and Offline Learning

    User-friendly Design

    Using the ADDIE approach, Paradiso offers designs and implement e-learning tools that meet your learner profile and learning objectives that will pay rich dividends in course effectiveness.

  • E-commerce Integration

    Tailored eLearning solutions

    The award-winning instructional designers at Paradiso will collaborate to create a learning solution with everything from instructional design, graphics, animations, sound and movie recording.

Paradiso Solutions is an award-winning company that offers instructional design consulting services and can quickly assist with your course development needs. It supports the instructional design service of both, large scale and individual-based programs. It maps adaptive learning pathways as instructional designing process is a mixed version of e-learning and blended learning programs for a broad audience of any field.

Why Paradiso is one-stop solution?

Paradiso is committed to provide more effective learning experiences for company’s all around the world, and is here to help you with your employee training needs.

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