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eLearning Solutions

Why Paradiso is Effective and Engaging E Learning Software Platform?

Paradiso Solutions is passionate about creating effective custom e-Learning solutions that focus on improving skills, the workforce’s skills, and efficiency, resulting in visible results for your company. As a team, we have delivered customized eLearning services to different industry verticals developing hundreds of engaging, interactive, graphically-rich solutions matching their unique requirements. Experts and professionals at Paradiso have in-depth e-Learning domain knowledge. The firm provides both classroom education and workplace training and offers custom e-Learning solutions and e-learning software product development.

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eLearning Solutions

Plethora of Custom E Learning Solutions

If your training needs are slightly different which is the case with all organizations, then your eLearning services and the related content needs to be customized in the same unique way. Paradiso Solutions offer services in the form of customized e-Learning solution and training solutions for your business-related e-learning training needs.

At Paradiso, we leverage the newest eLearning technologies and innovative approaches to deliver custom training solutions that is effective, applicable, and impactful. We design innovative and modern custom e-Learning solutions that are responsive, interactive, and immersive! Custom e-Learning solutions is training built specifically for your organization’s needs. With innovative custom e-learning solutions you can align your business goals, faster learner engagement, and raises the productivity levels of employees!

Our custom eLearning courses are designed and developed from scratch using rapid authoring tool to go with your demand in terms of instructional design, visual design, and any other technical requirements. We understand users’ requirements are unique, and work our fingers to the bone towards ensuring they are met to your business satisfaction.

  • Custom eLearning Development

Customized e-learning development gives an edge over off-the-shelf solutions as it allows organizations to potentially inculcate precise improvements in behavior or skill sets. It promotes multi-dimensional learning and ensures that all designs, interactions, and instructional techniques are consistent in tone, design, and intent across all courses in a curriculum. This gives the training content a sense of dependability and trustworthiness, which boosts engagement and contributes positively to engagement.

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Paradiso Customer Training LMS
Paradiso Customer Learning
  • Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Flash to HTML5 conversion gives an opportunity to improve your custom learning courses holistically and enhance instructional design and graphics. Flash to HTML5 conversion helps to convert lengthy custom e Learning modules into microlearning content, makes courses translation-friendly, and improves as well as updates your content. Using OCR software, Paradiso extracts content from existing Flash courses that make it easy to translate the content into various languages.

  • Mobile Learning

One among custom e learning services, mobile learning helps learners to engage in learning and training from anywhere and anytime. Paradiso offers ground-breaking work in mobile learning, immersive learning strategies such as VR and AR for learning, and behavioral transformation. We offer mobile learning solutions that includes micro-modules with bit-sized content, native app development-iOS and Android, rapid mobile content for mobile devices. These mLearning services help organizations translate learning into performance improvement.

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Paradiso Customer Training LMS Software
Paradiso LMS Software for Customer Training
  • Blended Learning

Blended learning provides learners with an immersive learning experience. It combines traditional classrooms with high-tech and digital elements to make learning enjoyable, interactive, and simple to grasp. Paradiso is an elearning development company that specializes in consulting and delivering blended learning solutions.
Our skilled content developers have experience and can help in implementing successful and high-quality blended learning training plans. We blend mobile, social, and self-paced learning with collaboration tools, one-on-one training, and classroom training which helps in increasing user engagement.

  • Gamification

Gamification leads to improved learning outcomes as it is based on human psychology and works with goal-setting, social interaction and ease of use. Paradiso provides customized elearning solution through game-design elements such as leaderboards, points, badges, levels, adding narratives and much more that can be used in an e-learning environment. While it is hard to quantify people’s enjoyment, but gamification improves learner’s engagement and does have demonstrable results.

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Paradiso Customer Training Platform
Paradiso Customer Excellence Training
  • Learning management system

Paradiso offers a new-age LMS that’s rapid to deploy, easy to use, and flexible for customization. We offer learners customized elearning solutions to manage, track, and achieve your corporate learning goals.
The LMS comes with customized courses and learning paths that utilizes video, audio, text, surveys and more are swiftly added in SCORM, xAPI or AICC, as per the industry standards for content interoperability. It also composes of an unlimited amount of pre-built courses and integrations as well as a cloud-based system for users to engage anywhere, anytime.

  • Custom Elearning Software Development

Paradiso solutions offers custom software development that involves designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations. Bespoke software, also known as custom software, is designed to order and is typically developed by in-house development teams or outsourced to a third party. The process of developing a customized software involves application customization, application modernization and application management. Custom software development helps meet unique requirements at a cost competitive with purchasing, maintaining and modifying commercial software.

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Paradiso Customer LMS
Paradiso Best LMS for Customer Training
  • PPT to Scorm Conversion

A better fit for e-Learning, SCORM works smoothly in most employee training software such as LMS. Paradiso not only provide directions to exporting your presentation as a SCORM package, but also recommends best practices for testing and delivering content so you can ensure it works in employee training software.

Paradiso provides custom elearning solutions for organizations with standardized elearning assets. Reach out to our elearning experts and embed these custom elearning solutions in your business to assist with employee skills development.

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