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What should companies look for when thinking of an eLearning Content Provider?

When searching for an eLearning Content Provider for your LMS, it’s crucial to consider relevance, specificity, and engagement. Software companies must understand each customer’s unique content and interactivity requirements. Quality eLearning content creation involves considering the number and type of users, amount of content, user knowledge levels, and company training objectives.

High-quality online training resources are crucial for the modern workforce. However, finding the right eLearning content provider can be challenging. Outsourcing your eLearning content is a cost-effective solution if you lack an in-house team or need specialized resources. To succeed, choose an eLearning service provider who supports your product, functions well with your Learning & Development team, and is budget friendly. These eight tips can help you identify the ideal content provider for your corporate eLearning program.

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Always check Online Directory before choosing the provider

If you’re looking for an eLearning content provider for your online training program, online directories can provide a comprehensive overview of their background, specialties, and unique selling points. You can also contact them easily to ask about their products and services. It’s essential to analyze their reputation in the marketplace and overall customer satisfaction level.

Read online feedbacks to analyze the pros and cons

When searching for an eLearning content provider, online reviews can showcase their strengths, such as exceptional service or high-quality training resources that align with your objectives. However, it’s crucial to consider the drawbacks as well to have a complete understanding of their performance. To achieve this, establish what matters most to your organization, such as personalized customer support, and focus on reviews that address your specific requirements and expectations.

Ask content providers about their services and policies

Understanding an eLearning content provider’s service and time management is crucial. It’s essential to determine if they have strategies in place to manage unforeseen issues, such as unscheduled revisions that could delay the launch of your eLearning course. It’s also important to know their internal policies and work practices, including how they interact with your L&D team. For instance, ask them questions like, are they open to collaborating with your team to ensure that training objectives are met? Or do they have a closed-door policy that limits input from your team throughout the process?

Ensure industry-specific expertise of eLearning providers

The eLearning content provider might have a lot of experience, but it’s important to know if they’re familiar with your industry or the specific use case you have in mind. You can request work samples to see if their strengths match your business needs and online training requirements. Additionally, you can invite them to create a paid test project to get an idea of their knowledge and expertise in your niche.

Analyze tools and resources of eLearning providers

For eLearning content providers, even with vast experience and knowledge, it’s challenging to develop effective online training content without the proper tools. Therefore, it’s essential to assess not only their past work but also the software and resources they use. Don’t forget to look out for these things. Do they have modern eLearning authoring tools that can deliver interactive online training resources? If they’re responsible for LMS implementation, you should also examine their system of choice. Will your L&D team have access to the platform to modify content and view reports?

What can Paradiso Solutions offer you as an eLearning Content Provider?

At Paradiso Solutions, we specialize in designing customized courses and learning content tailored to your company’s specific needs. We take pride in our expertise as an eLearning content provider and offer SCORM and Tin Can API compliant content that runs seamlessly on Paradiso LMS or any eLearning platform. Our services include rapid course development, Mobile Learning-compatible content, gamification-based assessments, Simulation-Based Training, Custom Course Creation, Induction Training hours, Compliance training, and Content-Based Training activities. We offer three levels of interactivity based on your requirements, ranging from basic courses to more complex content types. Such as:

Level 1

  • Addition of static images
  • Addition of text
  • Description of functionalities
  • Basic questionnaire

Level 2

  • Animated clips / Image animation
  • Button functionality
  • Click based activity
  • Evaluations – Gamified Assessments
  • Interactive features like drag and drop

Level 3

  • 30% animation/animation-based simulation
  • Professional voice dubbing
  • Addition of functional buttons
  • Scenario-based simulations
  • Game-based evaluations

Benefits of Paradiso Solutions as an eLearning Content Provider:

Paradiso Solutions is a growing eLearning service provider that caters to the needs of organizations worldwide. We prioritize meeting your business requirements and providing you with personalized experience. Our LMS, Paradiso LMS, stands out among others due to its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features such as eCommerce, extended enterprise, course catalog with thousands of courses, competencies management, and more. With over 100 out-of-the-box integrations with ERP, CRM, CMS platforms, Paradiso LMS offers unparalleled flexibility and customization. Our team provides 24/7 support and assistance throughout and after implementation to ensure your success. Choose Paradiso for seamless and effective learning solutions.

Advanced features:

  • eContent developed using licensed eLearning tools.
  • Use of copyright free images and assets.
  • Outputs in CBT, FLASH, SCORM, HTML5 etc.
  • Feedback mechanism ensures the client gets exactly what he wants.
  • Dedicated graphics and instructional designers.
  • Proprietary off-the-shelf course library.
  • 5000+ online courses on dozens of subject areas.
  • SCORM & AICC compliant training courses.
  • Multi-device friendly video courses.
  • Content optimized for the mobile learner.
  • UI designed for ‘touch screen’ mobiles.
  • Coding of courses for swipe gestures on tablets and smartphones.

The success of your course is not dependent on whether it’s taught in a classroom, online or via a simulator. What matters is whether it’s engaging or not, as learners will disengage if they find it boring. If you’re looking for eLearning content providers, Paradiso Solutions is an excellent choice as our LMS is user-friendly and has gamification features.

It can also be integrated with over a hundred apps, such as CRM, eCommerce, CMS solutions and video conferencing, to enhance the learning experience. Their eLearning platform is fully customizable and mobile compatible, supports social learning and offers robust reports. It also supports multi-tenancy to meet your requirements. When choosing an eLearning provider, consider the support team and the human factor. Make sure to select the one that fits your needs and adapts best to your company.

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