Government LMS Tender

Paradiso wins Government LMS tender of EESL for supplying eLearning solutions

Paradiso wins a 3-year contract with EESL and gets hired to configure, customize, commission, and maintain the government LMS as per EESL needs.

Paradiso eLearning, the leading eLearning service provider, announced it won a government LMS tender offer of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a government-owned JV of PSUs under the Ministry of Power to provide its services pertaining to the Learning Management System. The order from the world’s largest public energy service company (ESCO) for LMS product services and handling end-to-end infrastructure for Hosting and support applies from the date of operational functioning of the application for 3 years as per the contract period.

The Letter of Award LOA dated 07.06.2021 obliges Paradiso to complete the exercise of the roll-out, configuration, customization, and go-live of the government LMS within three months as per the schedule and provide the necessary support services for another two years after the completion of Post go-live support and certification by EESL.

“This order shows the rollout of LMS solutions is gaining momentum to meet training needs and complements the recent run of different industries for eLearning solutions for exploring opportunities in digital learning,”

said Mr. Sachin Chaudhari, the CEO of Paradiso eLearning.

“To be updated with the fast-changing technologies of the power and energy industry, eLearning solutions are the best to match up to the learning pace required. Our eLearning solutions are designed and customized with the features for successful training of employees to achieve goals.”

The growing number of eLearning solutions is driving the global market opportunities in learning and development activities in industries that provide sophisticated monitoring systems and software support services for successful implementation. Paradiso’s eLearning solutions are being used worldwide by all kinds of industries for their learning and training needs for employee engagement, goal-setting, and performance improvement.

As per EESL’s LMS RFP, Paradiso submitted its bid on the requirements as per the RFP and constituted sufficient grounds for winning the award. Also, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) was signed that defines the service levels to be provided for the duration of the contract or until the SLA is amended. In addition, it mentions the performance expectations of EESL and helps control response and resolution levels and service performance provided by Paradiso.

EESL, a joint venture of PSUs under the Ministry of Power for energy efficiency services, aims to provide eLearning to its workforce with Paradiso’s government LMS. The power and energy field is continuously going through technological advancements to ensure sustainability. In such a case, keeping the workforce educated and up-to-date is crucial to achieve the required energy efficiency goals.

Paradiso LMS supports all types of training such as classroom training, self-paced learning, social learning, virtual classrooms and much more. The platform has 100+ software integrations for a seamless learning experience. Paradiso Enterprise LMS platform is being used for different training uses such as employee, onboarding, customer, partner, distributor, associations, higher education, and selling courses online.

About Paradiso eLearning:

Paradiso eLearning (https://www.paradisosolutions.com) is redefining learning success by making learning accessible and flexible to create content, deliver training and improve business performance. Paradiso has served hundreds of clients and millions of users in the USA, the UK, India, and worldwide. Paradiso eLearning caters to many industries such as healthcare, education, retail, training, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, airline, non-profits, and government.

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