Your company’s training programs must-have is offline learning

When we talk about Offline learning we are appealing to situations where the LMS system is not operating and taking in new information in real-time. Instead, it has a set of input data previously downloaded for or by the user. 

Offline learning is a proactive type of learning that can work with the available content at the time or place desired. Because there is no continual influx of information, the platform takes control of the data once an internet connection is available. Some experts call offline learning a form of eager learning, which means that the system is working proactively to make decisions, as compared to lazy learning where the machine learning program’s work may be event-driven. Also, this provides an opportunity for users to choose their own path and pace in training instead of following the instructions of the platform


The need for Offline Learning

Offline content is usually accessed is via an eLearning App while the user is ‘on the go’. Content is downloaded to a device and accessed offline. This means that learners will only need access to the internet to download, update or sync content. 

Devices such as smartphones are highly suited to media-rich courses which take advantage of touch functions and use lots of audio and video. Introduction of learning content via LMS apps is revolutionary for roles demanding remote working, particularly those conducting activity in non-connected surroundings. Offline learning enables employees to fit training around the demands of their daily job without concern for connectivity. This kind of learning is only going to become more prevalent as time goes by, thus it is worth thinking about how you can incorporate offline mobile learning content into your courses.


The role of offline learning in eLearning

Developing a permanent and accessible connection between users/students and the content is the key to get a quality education and much more if we talk about the new generations of learners and their relationship with technology. It is essential that companies or educational institutions implement strategies related to adopting mobile learning LMS along with their learning programs.

The main objective to accomplish with the adoption of a mobile learning app is to decentralize the information, providing users with unlimited access to content that will now be de-temporal and delocalized.

This means that the users won’t be tied to a place to be able to learn or they don’t have to be at a defined time to take their lessons. But not only the space-time limitation is a benefit of mobile training. Its implementation also allows users to access the LMS platform and interact with most of its features without having an Internet connection.

Other mobile LMS benefits that we can bring to your company include flexibility, accessibility, interactivity, motivation, and dynamism to the teaching, training and learning process.


How offline learning is applied to enhance corporate training?

The use of an eLearning app within your training program will help you adapt your company to the current reality and trend. The undeniable use of smartphones should not be considered a disadvantage, the main goal must be to take advantage of its continuous use by users to hook them with eLearning.

Other advantages offered by offline learning are:

  • It contributes to the development of the digital skills of its employees.
  • It allows your trainees to develop self-control, take their educational processes as their own and carry them out autonomously.
  • An offline SCORM Player offers the possibility of accessing knowledge in an unlimited way, without the need of an internet connection.
  • Users’ engaging is directly benefited thanks to the possibility of adapting to new learning modalities and the implementation of tools such as gamification, that will considerably increase the participation and motivation of apprentices.
  • Offline LMS app becomes a useful tool for the instructor to monitor the teaching process. Through the mobile app of Paradiso LMS, for example, the trainer can monitor evaluations, assistance or content management by students, likewise can be used as an agenda, clock or timer, to name a few.
  • For the student represents, as has been seen before, a world of possibilities at their fingertips, which can range from access to content at any space-time, making it possible for them to read, see and interact with videos and images, conduct evaluations, access links, glossary or even share their achievements and experiences through social networks.


An Offline Learning platform ensures a better ROI in eLearning

With the reduced dependency on the traditional ways of learning like the face to face or classroom setting, the teaching/teacher’s costs get considerably reduced.

Also, with offline learning, the process of learning becomes easier as the learners do not have to travel to attend the classes every day. Hence, the dropout rate reduces, while the company experiences a better return on the invested time and money, in terms of well-informed employees or students.

If companies, who engage on-field staff on a regular basis, opt for the traditional way of learning, it’d jeopardize their entire operation. The organization will have to set a time every day when the entire staff would gather at one place to learn, and that would halt productivity and ultimately revenue.

However, the offline learning mode of the LMS solves this issue. It helps the learners download the courseware whenever network connectivity is available, and then engage in self-paced offline learning at their own time convenience.

In addition, the multiple OS (operating system) and multiple browser support reduce the IT headaches the company has to go through if this was not the case. Offline learning also translates to the reduced cost of implementation. All in all, you get the best deal when you opt for the offline learning feature of the LMS.

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