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LMS Reports collect and analyze training data. In essence, LMS reporting and analytics assist you in keeping track of how the corporate/educational training process is progressing, what it means, and what you can do to improve results. In other words, they inform you of the extent to which your efforts yield fruit. You must know how employees are doing in courses if you are in charge of training in your company. Reports inform us of a course’s flaws and areas that need improvement. They can assist with data formatting and help you organize and organize your information using templates. LMS reports are frequently pre-packaged services.

How can LMS reports help a Corporate?

LMS reports provide an in-depth analysis of every aspect of training and how it affects students, which might reveal more significant trends in your workforce. You might need to be aware of all the different forms of data that an eLearning system can report on. Still, these include learner participation, completion and performance rates, and tracking of online training certifications. LMS reporting and analytics gives businesses input from particular students, which they can use to select future leaders. Managers can personalize learning routes using this data to determine each employee’s strengths and limitations. Employees participating in eLearning may discover topics they are passionate about and wish to learn more about.

LMS Reports Categories

Courses Type Reports

Courses Type Reports

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Analyze your courses' effectiveness, obtain a course overview, learn which courses are the most popular, and more.

Users Type Reports

Users Type Reports

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Keep tabs on your user count, registrations, user overview, and other information.

System Types Reports

System Types Reports

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Get a thorough activity log, data on user involvement, real-time user traffic, and more.

Performance Management Type Reports

Performance Type Reports

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You may quickly obtain information regarding, among other things, new registrations, individual user progress, and course completion.

All Reports


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Find every report you've built and those ready to use right out of the box.

Why Paradiso for Reports?

You can create and obtain all the necessary statistics and information about your users, courses, and system with the help of Paradiso LMS Reports, enabling you to assess and enhance your methods to accomplish your eLearning objectives effectively.

The fact that Paradiso LMS reports can be customized entirely is one of its key advantages. The reports can be customized whatever you choose, and you can get the data you require. For example, you may make graphs, add the reports to the dashboard, download them, or email them to your users to analyze their workflow or the effectiveness of your courses.

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