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LMS vendors typically offer a learning management system, all in one eLearning platform, for learning and training. These elearning vendors build LMS software that enables you to create, manage, and deliver online learning courses. A learning management system can also easily track online learning and training activities that make the online training process much easier.

LMS vendors

Support services offered by LMS vendors

The Learning Management System vendors who provide exceptional support services can build a good relationship with their customers. Here are some services that we provide to our customers.

Support by phone

Paradiso LMS vendor 24/7 assistance, whenever our customer encounters an issue or needs some help. We provide technical guidance and assistance over the phone.

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Support by phone service by LMS vendors
Quick email response by LMS provider


Learning Management System vendors respond to your questions or issues through email as well. We have a dedicated customer service team for resolving all your problems. Our customer support team will give a quick response to all your queries.

Live chats

You can directly speak to our customer support representative and resolve the problem on live chat. We provide 24/7 online chat services; visit us at Just drop a message on our online chat.

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Live chats with learning management system vendors
Video conference support services offered by LMS vendors

Video conference

Video conferences are the most advanced support services. This live face-to-face chat allows you to ask questions directly to our representatives and get answers in real-time.

Online FAQ

Frequently asked questions cover basic concerns or problems faced by the users. It includes several resource links so that you can further explore the matter.

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Online FAQ by LMS vendors cover basic concerns or problems
LMS vendor

How to select the right LMS vendor?

Match business goals with an LMS

Different organizations have different criteria and goals while selecting the right LMS. It is important to prioritize your requirements; for that, you need to define your goals, how LMS can help meet those goals, and align this with the LMS’s features.


How can LMS meet the goals?

SCORM compliance

To meet the tailored training needs
  • Make training engaging and interesting for the employees
  • Easy tracking of learner engagement, progress, and overall eLearning effectiveness
  • Advanced reporting on employee performance
  • Gamification
  • Advanced reporting
  • Social learning
  • Mobile learning
Compliance training
  • Updating the learning content regularly with strict compliance requirements and ever-changing rules.
  • Remote access to the material
  • Certificate of completion of compliance training
  • Interactive content creation tools
  • Single sign on feature
  • Integration with web conferencing tool
  • Certification
Onboarding training
  • Training on Job roles health and safety, employee benefits and company culture
  • Increase employee retention
  • Learning path
  • HRIS integration
  • Training reports
  • Multilingual
Customer training
  • Self- paced learning for better understanding Improve customer retention
  • Training on product and services
  • Centralized training material
  • Blended learning
  • CRM integration
LMS vendors

Factors to consider while selecting the right LMS vendor

LMS Integrations

LMS Integrations

Paradiso, one of the best LMS vendors, comes up with some valuable integrations that will improve user experience and learning experience.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

We provide exceptional mobile learning features for the user with which it is possible to learn wherever and whenever you want.

SCORM Compliant

SCORM Compliant

Paradiso LMS supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 versions. Once you set up a SCORM compliant LMS, it will become easier to deliver any training that your organization could wish to set up.

Social Learning

Social Learning

Our LMS provides social learning features that seamlessly increase learner’s engagement and interest levels. We offer discussion boards and forums where learners can interact and share their knowledge.



Learning Management System vendors must offer security features LMS that should meet the security needs of your organization. It is essential to know which encryption and security protocols are implemented in the LMS.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Our LMS platform comes up with advanced reporting, where you can generate reports showing learners' progress. You can customize the report as per your need and schedule the report in just a few clicks.

LMS Pricing

LMS Pricing

Before purchasing an LMS, it is advisable to research the pricing model and free trial availability offered by LMS vendors. Paradiso Solutions offer flexible LMS pricing alternatives based on your usage, licensing model, free LMS, and more.

LMS vendor

Benefits that can help in selecting the right LMS vendor

Before deciding on an LMS vendor, be clear on your organizational goal, and research the advantages of using LMS. Below are some benefits that can help you to shortlist the right Learning Management System vendor:

Centralized learning content

With our cloud-based LMS software, you can store all the learning contents in one centralized place. It will help the companies to simplify and streamline the online courses and eLearning material.

Centralized learning content
Easy tracking and reporting

Easy tracking and reporting

Paradiso LMS tool comes up with an advanced reporting and tracking system that allows you to track learner’s progress and measure the success of a training program. Training managers can access the robust reporting option to get the advanced performance report of the learners.

Reduced training cost

Learning management systems can reduce the L&D cost as training is conducted online. You can save the cost of a trainer, physical classroom, learning material, and other miscellaneous expenditures required to hold training in person.

Reduced Training Cost
Create effective and engaging courses

Create effective and engaging courses

Paradiso LMS platform comes up with a gamification feature that helps to create engaging online courses. You can make learning fun and interesting by adding gaming elements to online training programs.

Flexible learning

Our online learning platform allows the learner to have flexible access to online courses and materials. Paradiso LMS is user friendly and makes learning meaningful and interactive with effective features.

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Flexible Learning
LMS vendors

List of top ten leading LMS vendors

We have shortlisted some of the best Learning Management System vendors based on their usability, features, and other attributes. Here is a list of Learning Management System vendors and companies that offer the best learning solutions.

  • Paradiso Solutions

    Paradiso Solutions

    One of the leading LMS vendors, Paradiso is a multiple award-winning and cloud-based LMS company that offers powerful features for eLearning programs. It is web-based, highly customizable, and easy to use LMS with attractive user interference. Paradiso LMS platform is also known for its gamification approach to online learning.

    Address: 2810 N Church St PMB 73030
    Wilmington, Delaware 19802, US

    Phone: +1 1800 513 5902

  • TalentLMS


    It is an award winning, cloud-based LMS that provides modern eLearning solutions. TalentLMS has an intuitive user interface and advanced LMS features.

    Address: 315 Montgomery Street,
    9th Floor
    San Francisco, CA
    94104, USA

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  • eFront


    It is an easy, intuitive, and advanced eLearning platform that streamlines training programs. eFront comes up with easy course creation and updating features that help to create advanced learning material quickly.

    Address: 315 Montgomery Street
    9th Floor, San Francisco
    CA 94104, USA

  • Docebo


    This cloud-based Learning Management System vendor provides scalable and adaptable learning solutions. Docebo helps to track and monitor learner’s activities and progress in just a few clicks.

    Address: 600 N. Thomas St. Suite A
    Athens GA 30601

  • Absorb LMS

    Absorb LMS

    Simplify learning and improve your business productivity with Absorb LMS. It comes up with easy content delivery that improves learner engagement and helps track performance quickly. 

    Address: 685 Centre St S,
    Suite 2500
    Calgary, Alberta T2G 1S5

  • SAP Litmos

    SAP Litmos

    One of the leading LMS vendors, SAP Litmos, comes up with a robust feature that empowers companies to provide quality online training programs.

    Address: 2700 Camino Ramon
    Suite 400
    San Ramon, CA 94583

  • LearnUpon


    A powerful online LMS build helps the companies streamline virtual learnings and deliver entire online learning solutions for employees, partners, and customers. This flexible and cloud-based LMS platform offers a robust set of tools and features for better eLearning experiences.

    Address: Suite 400S,
    Cast Iron Building,
    718 Arch Street, PA 19106,

  • iSpring Learn LMS

    iSpring Learn LMS

    A comprehensive cloud-based LMS that lets you create, manage, and deliver training material from any device. iSpring is a next-gen learning management solution that allows you to create engaging eLearning courses for effective L&D programs.

    Address: 1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 600
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    United States

  • Moodle


    Moodle LMS provides a secure and integrated learning system for creating a customized learning environment in your organization. It offers several standard features and innovative tools which let you efficiently manage, share, and train the educational content online.

    Address: Moodle Pty Ltd
    PO Box 303,
    West Perth WA 6872

  • TalentCards


    A mobile-based application for microlearning, TalentCards allows you to create tailor-made learning experiences. This learning system users can create learning cards online and deliver them via app to train others.

    Address: 315 Montgomery Street,
    9th Floor
    San Francisco, California
    CA 94104

Paradiso Solutions

Why Paradiso Solutions is the best LMS vendor?

Paradiso Solutions is a multiple award-winning and cloud-based LMS vendor that helps deliver corporate learnings anytime, anywhere with its robust learning management platform. The platform simplifies online training for your employees, partners, and customers and offers 100+ integrations with the lms. We offer powerful features to create, manage, and deliver your online courses effectively.

Enhance your learning experience with our versatile, scalable and easy to use LMS platform!

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Empower your Training Initiatives

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