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Multi Tenant LMS

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Multi-Tenant LMS by Paradiso Solutions

Easily create private portals for departments, divisions or clients with Multi Tenant LMS. Create multiple customized and branded tenant

infrastructures within your LMS. Our Paradiso Multi Tenant feature allows you to have multiple clients, vendors or partners within your

e-Learning platform with different themes, separate branding and rules Paradiso Multi-Tenant LMS allows you to assign different

administrative roles, learning plans and workflows to each of your clients. What is Multi Tenancy? In a nutshell Multi-tenancy

is an architecture in which a single LMS software Platform serves multiple customers/clients. In other words multiple

clients hosted by a single LMS Software. Each customer has their own view of their LMS data and may not even

know they are in a multi-tenant system.

Paradiso LMS Multi-Tenant Features


Sell courses online! Seamless integration with all payment methods including PayPal for secure and easy shopping cart experience. Paradiso Multi Tenant LMS allows clients, vendors and partners to manage their own custom-branded online stores.



A new flexible method of allowing access to courses has been introduced in our Multi-tenant Learning management platform. In our Multi-Portal Course Management Platform architecture a site administrator can create a license for a company to give them access to one or more courses. This license contains information like the maximum number of uses, a shelf life for the license, the length of time a user has access to a course and more.

  • Predetermined license templates and sets of licences in advance for companies.
  • Allocation of licenses can be controlled by company managers after initial set up.
  • Licenses can be reassigned from one user (if the user hasn’t accessed the course) to another.
  • Licenses can be shared between courses.
  • The tracking time of the license starts when the user starts the course.
  • Each client sees only their own courses within the LMS.


Multi tenancy LMS implementation comes with advanced reporting features. The federated LMS recognises the multi-tenancy and hierarchical divisions set within the site and Tenant specific reports provide the right information to the manager running them.

  • Company managers can control and obtain detailed reporting from users in their own company.
  • Standard Multi-tenant reports are: user completion overview report, course completion overview report, SCORM object reporting providing breakdown of attempts for quizzes.
  • Comprehensive, pluggable reporting system tailored to individual companies. (Further custom reports can be created by ELD developers if needed).
reporting features
additional features

Additional features

  • Dashboard interface that joins essentials of both Paradiso LMS and multi-portal functionality in a user-friendly and intuitive user experience.
  • A brief course assign screen lets you share new courses with any tenant company.
  • A simplified user creation screen allows to create single users or upload a spreadsheet template with users for bulk user creation for a company.
  • Each tenant company can have different language, multiple currencies and localized pricing and taxation settings.
  • Extended Learning Management System with Multi-Tenant reseller features let your organization gain profit from the courses you own and new content that you add to your library by selling it to your tenants.
  • Flexible multi-portal architecture: A single instance, multiple brandings and configurations. right from a user friendly

Paradiso LMS Multi-Tenant Benefits

Create tenants or departments

Create tenants or departments

Create a specific work area for a department, a branch of your company or customer companies where users and courses can be assigned independently. These companies are kept separate on your LMS with their own customizations.

Tenants can have their own hierarchy

Using federated LMS Tenant Companies can be further split into hierarchical departments and users can be assigned accordingly. New roles allow to manage users within their company and department structure and below.

Tenants can have their own hierarchy
Fully customizable tenants

Fully customizable tenants

Client companies (AKA sub portals) on a extended Enterprise or multi-tenant LMS can easily be created and defined. Companies can then select their own users, courses, managers and themes (either as an uploaded custom theme or choose from the list of standard installed Paradiso LMS themes).

Sharing courses is easier than ever

Courses ‘belong’ to a company or can be shared between selected companies or can be shared across all companies (Retaining their own branding and autonomy for users).

Sharing courses is easier than ever
Create an organization's hierarchy

Create an organization’s hierarchy

Using multi-portal architecture, companies can be given a hierarchical structure with users and managers assigned at different levels in the hierarchy. Managers can only view users who are under their own department.

Blended learning tenants support

Face to face (training) event activities can be set up for companies to allow users to book places at training events or managers to book places by proxy to these events. This incorporates a flexible approval approach to allow access to the training event.

Blended learning tenants support
Privacy between LMS tenants

Privacy between LMS tenants

Users from one company training channel don’t have access to other tenant users. different training franchises are not visible to each other.

Fully independent tenants

With Multi-tenant LMS Managers from different companies can add their own users to their own courses or assign an appropriate license to a user, allowing them to add themselves.

Fully independent tenants
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