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Social Learning with Paradiso LMS

We know that the learning process doesn’t stop when learners leave the LMS, and that interacting socially with

coworkers is a vital part of the learning process.. Paradiso LMS Social Learning ensures that

social interactions, formal or informal, are recorded and tracked.

Features of Paradiso LMS Social Learning

an lms to help stay ahead of the curve

An LMS to help stay ahead of the curve

Corporations have been the first to understand the importance of social media and social learning. As more importance is placed on tracking social interactions it becomes increasingly important to have an LMS that supports social learning.

Learning through Interactions

Even though we are outside of the formal learning environment. This doesn’t mean we stop learning – on the contrary. Relevant social interactions can be tracked and count towards progress with Paradiso LMS Social Learning.

learning through interactions
get instant feedback

Get instant feedback

Instructors can provide rapid feedback on any piece of work, but the real value comes from informal feedback from peers. You can then respond to comments and work together to make the work better.

Learning through Interactions

Almost all of us use some form of social media on a daily basis. We know how to share, comment and cooperate. Social learning leverages the same inclinations to sharing but applies them to a corporate context.

increase engagement
boost knowledge retention

Boost knowledge retention

One of the biggest problems faced by instructors is getting what they teach to stick. Informal and social learning increases knowledge retention by making the learning process fun by making the information available the way the learner wants it.

Tin Can Api

Tin Can Api, or Xperience Api, is the evolution of SCORM, the global standards for producing reusable elearning content. It makes it simple to track on and offline, informal and formal, learning activities like watching relevant videos, attending a conference or reading an article.

Tin Can Api
Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning opens the learning process up further by providing access to learning content on and offline and on whichever device is convenient – computer, tablet or smartphone.

Integrations with other software

Paradiso LMS integrates with various popular programs, many with important social features. Integrations with programs such as Google Apps or Dropbox allow learners to share their work, comment on the work of others and contribute to conversations that could result in a new, better product or service.

Integrations with other software
support extended enterprise

Support Extended Enterprise

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of your vendors and channel partners by including them in the discussion and inviting them to participate in social learning. This can increase adoption, as well as customer loyalty and sales.



A blog that any learner can add to becomes a place where ideas can be socialized among your learning community. Comments and post ratings add to the granularity and help to make the blog more open and engaging.



Learners can start their own discussion threads on any topic of their choice. Others can comment and rate these threads, which can be assessed by instructors to count towards the learner’s overall progress.

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