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Google Apps LMS

Share work files, documents and online training content seamlessly


LMS Google Apps

Your LMS and Google Apps work seamlessly together

Leverage and share work files, documents and online training content across Google Apps with Paradiso Learning Management System. LMS Google Apps Integration

brings LMS and Google Apps together with Single Sign On (SSO). Users can now use the LMS to access their course content and use Google Apps

as a productivity suite to actually do their work. Share calendars, create new Documents, spreadsheets and slides, update, organize and

save them in Google Drive within your LMS. Transform Google Apps into a collaborative learning environment.

LMS Google Apps

Google Apps LMS Single Sign-On

Access Google Apps from inside your LMS. Users who are logged into LMS are automatically signed into Google Apps with SSO.

Enhanced Collaboration with Google Apps LMS Integration

Collaborate and share project tasks, files and documents and have open discussions with other users without having to manage multiple accounts over multiple systems.
Transform spreadsheets into collaborative projects within the LMS!

LMS Google Apps
LMS Google Apps

Importing Files into LMS from Google Apps

Import presentations, images, audio and video from Google Docs and YouTube into your LMS, providing direct access to content stored on Google and more seamless ways to build learning modules and courses in your LMS.

User Auto-Enrollment

Two way user synchronization between Google Apps and LMS. Automatically enroll users from Google Apps to LMS. LMS users are also automatically created in Google Apps (Google Docs, Calendar, and Gmail).

LMS Google Apps
Gmail LMS Integration by Paradiso Solutions

Gmail LMS Integration

A fully customizable Gmail block within the LMS that displays the latest Gmail messages on your LMS Dashboard.

Google Drive LMS Integration

Google Drive LMS Integration

Access and share Google Drive documents directly within your LMS.

Google Calendar LMS Sync

Google Calendar LMS Sync

Access and import your Google calendars from within the LMS, and share dates and events with your colleagues.

Google + Integration

Google + Integration

A users that is logged in can see his/her Google+ profile, access eLearning courses from Google+ and share from inside the LMS.

Picasa LMS Integration

Picasa LMS Integration

This feature enables the user to push photos from Paradiso Learning Management System to Picasa.

YouTube LMS Integration

YouTube LMS Integration

Embed videos from YouTube to Paradiso Learning Management System.

LMS Google Hangouts Integration

LMS Google Hangouts Integration

Embed the URL of a hangout, have 1-on-1 coaching, video conferencing or group calls right from Paradiso LMS.

Google Classrooms for students

Google Classrooms LMS Integration

Google Classroom grades can be exported and imported into Paradiso LMS.

Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables LMS export

Export Paradiso LMS grades and records to a Google Fusion table.

Google Apps LMS Integration benefits

Expand on traditional e-learning with a collaborative learning environment

Use an online email/calendar system already integrated with your LMS

Employees can share knowledge in real time using Google +

Google Apps™ for business doesn’t require any updates or maintenance

Save time and money while you stay connected with virtually any device

Students and learners can join meetings right from LMS

Enables faster collaboration using Google Drive within the LMS

Improve and optimize work processes

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