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eLearning Companies in Germany

Best eLearning Companies in Germany

For any organization, the competency of employees largely defines success in business. Training and learning for employees are a continuous process and is inevitable for the growth of the organization. Training during onboarding and thereafter continues, and employees need to be updated to be consistent with the organizational goals.

eLearning Platforms like Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide uninterrupted learning online from any device, anywhere, and at any time. It enables an organization to plan courses and training as per their requirement that is easily accessible to employees at a central location. When processes and systems become easy, employees feel motivated to achieve personal and organizational success.

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Top eLearning Companies in Germany

Below are the top eLearning companies that provide eLearning solutions in Germany. These eLearning platforms make learning quick, easy and convenient for learners.

Paradiso Solutions is the best eLearning solution provider in Germany that offers best-in-class features that make it the most viable option for your learning needs. It is a web-based and cloud-based LMS loaded with features and tools to have the best online learning experiences. The LMS can be personalized, and it is highly customizable, quick to learn, easy to use, and a multi-device friendly platform. It is value for money and feature-rich that makes it high on compatibility. Paradiso Solutions is known for its features like branding, gamification, virtual classroom, blended learning, and many more. Any size of organization can choose Paradiso LMS and find it beneficial for its eLearning Programs.

paradiso listical logo
Univado logo
  • Univado

Univado is an eLearning platform providing a complete solution to companies. It aims at providing content for your training groups as per the requirements of your company. The Univado LMS is one of the successful eLearning companies in Germany. The LMS helps to implement learning concepts as per your ideas and needs in different training formats. Learning formats can be tailored, and you could also get expert advice to tailor them. The LMS easily integrates with your existing system.

Kaistr. 4th
40221 Düsseldorf
  • itslearning

It is one of the most commonly used eLearning companies for schools and higher education. It helps teachers, students and parents collaborate on a single platform to evaluate and plan for learning. It is a seamless platform that allows teaching, giving assignments, gathering reports to track and get feedback on students’ performance. The LMS helps avoid repetitive tasks and focus on having the content and teaching. It is easy to use and provides a personalized education experience.

itslearning GmbH - Erich-Steinfurth-Str. 6,
10243 Berlin,

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  • lawpilots

Lawpilots is an eLearning platform in legal and regulatory topics. It is an eLearning company in Berlin. It provides online training to employees on data protection, compliance, information security, and occupational safety for everyday work situations. The platform is used to motivate and train employees on legal requirements. The learning provides sharing of practical experience with relevant examples from legal experts and partners.

Lawpilots GmbH
Am Hamburger Bahnhof 3
10557 Berlin
  • Workademy

Workademy is one of the eLearning companies in Germany that provides LMS to companies for their training needs. Companies can train their employees, partners, and customers using the LMS for corporate learning. The LMS handles end-to-end functions from onboarding, sharing knowledge, training, engaging, tracking, and assessing learners to understand the areas that need improvement. It is loaded with features like analytics, gamification, and many more to keep learners engaged in the learning activity.

Berlin, Brandenburg 10245,
Workademy eLearning company
KeeUnit Smart eLearning company Germany
  • KeeUnit Smart Learning

KeeUnit Smart Learning provides eLearning software, a flexible learning management system (LMS). It is a multilingual platform that offers customized content and helps you have the platform as per your branding. It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, from any device. It is iOS and Android compatible. You can create eLearning courses to inspire learners and motivate them for sustainable learning. It provides many top-end features like social learning, course authoring tool, gamification, multilingualism and much more.

Mombacher Str. 52
55122 Mainz

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  • DQS eLearning

DQS eLearning is one of the eLearning companies in Germany where auditors and experts share their know-how and expert knowledge with users on the platform. It helps employees engage, learn and expand their expertise in management systems. It also gives them exposure to understand standards and audits from experts in the industry. It thus fosters social learning and aims at building more expertise among employees.

DQS Holding GmbH
DQS Headquarters
August-Schanz-Str. 21
60433 Frankfurt am Main
DQS Elearning company
eLearning company G-Cube
  • G-Cube

G-Cube is a training solutions provider that provides innovative solutions to providers. It is one of the best eLearning companies in Germany to create corporate training for diverse industries and business verticals. Some of the training is product training, induction training, training your extended enterprise, and much more. The eLearning platform provides various features that help in custom eLearning coupled with performance support, blended learning, gamification, course library, and much more

  • imc Learning Suite

imc Learning suite is an eLearning supplier in Germany and provides LMS and LXP and performance management systems to boost business. imc Learning suite an LXP company which is fully customizable, flexible, secure, and integrated with softwares. The learning solution provider makes user-centric designs for perfect learning experiences. Users can access from anywhere, anytime, from any device. Each user can have a separate learning path, and the knowledge and performance can be evaluated using tracking. It provides a smooth learning experience to the learners.

Scheer Tower, Uni Campus Nord
66123 Saarbrücken / Germany
eLearning company germany imc Learning Suite
paradiso listical logo

The top eLearning solution supplier in Germany is Paradiso Solutions, which provides best-in-class features that make it the most practical choice for your learning requirements. It is a web- and cloud-based LMS that is packed with tools and features for the greatest possible online learning experiences. The LMS is extremely flexible, quick to learn, simple to use, and compatible with a variety of devices. It may also be modified. Its affordability and feature-rich design contribute to its high level of interoperability. The services offered by Paradiso Solutions include branding, gamification, blended learning, virtual classrooms, and many more. Any size of business can use Paradiso LMS and benefit from it for their eLearning initiatives.

  1. Organizes eLearning content in one location.
  2. Gives unrestricted access to eLearning resources.
  3. Tracks the performance and growth of learners easily.
  4. Lowers the price of learning and development.
  5. Shorter time spent on learning and development.
The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

eLearning is much sort for by companies in Germany as training solutions. Choosing the best eLearning platform from the top-performing eLearning companies in Germany can help your employees and organization growth and improve productivity. Paradiso Solutions can provide you the best technology to train, assess, track and improve your employee learning and performance with its go-to features that are beneficial for organizations of all sizes.

Paradiso Solutions provides robust and innovative eLearning solutions with powerful features for your dynamic eLearning programs.

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