CME LMS Platform for Medical Associations

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CME LMS Platform For Medical Associations

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Paradiso CME LMS Software for Medical Professionals

Continuing Medical Education (CME) LMS Software is crucial for the medical sector keeping in mind the strict regulations and accreditations required for medical practices. Medical professionals need to be accredited with the latest knowledge and everything around CE that is important to the health sector. Medical Associations who provide certifications find it a tedious and sometimes a repetitive process.

Paradiso CME LMS Software helps in centralizing the process and lets administrators focus on the medical course content, and the continuing medical education software manages all other technicalities on auto-mode. Accreditations, Certifications, and Learner Credits help professionals to maintain their credibility in the field. This is in addition to the regular medical licensing provided by the associations. Paradiso eLearning Solutions automates the process making continuing medical education easy.

Benefits of Paradiso CME LMS for Continuing Education Programs

End-to-end CME Software Functions

The LMS manages end-to-end functions right from enrolling users to providing them certificates on course completion. It covers all the phases of eLearning in continuing medical education.

End-To-End CME Software Functions
Self-Uploaded CME Software Programs

Self-Uploaded CME Software Programs

The CME LMS enables the administrators to upload existing CME courses or create interactive courses with course authoring tools. Thus, the LMS helps in new content creation as per the changing need.

Self-Managed CME Software Programs

The CME management software helps health professionals to manage their training schedules as per their availability. They can manage their accounts, complete courses, and get their certifications.

Self-Managed CME Software Programs
Improved CME Software Efficiency

Improved CME Software Efficiency

The LMS provides convenience due to the online nature of courses and also avoids repetitive functions. It avoids physical movement for training that saves time and money. Thus, it helps improve the overall efficiency of the process of CME for doctors and other medical professionals.

Create Engaging Courses with Built-in Authoring Tool

Empower your association with the in-built authoring tool in Paradiso LMS. Craft engaging courses with ease, incorporating interactive content, quizzes, and multimedia to make learning more exciting and impactful than ever.

Create Engaging Courses With AI-Powered Authoring Tool

Features of Paradiso CME LMS Software

Software System Integrations

Our CME management software is integrated with multiple software systems like API, AMS, CRM, CMS, eCommerce, Accounting, web and video conferencing, social media, and many more to work seamlessly for all the tasks and processes around continuing medical education to happen smoothly. The LMS- Integrations helps users access all software with a single set of credentials due to the SSO (Single Sign-On) feature.

CME Management Applications

The LMS CME software manages membership, association, conferences and events, social networks, certifications with different applications. These features enable host virtual or physical conferences, managing enrollment, renewal, payment, and communication with members, managing credits, accredited providers, and certificates. Just use one LMS to manage all program-related functions in one place.

Learner Path and Credits

Learning Paths allow you to create a sequence order for a list of courses or materials and then assign it to selected learners or learner groups. Then, depending on your learner’s profile, geographic location, or any other user profile fields you want to define, you can give one or multiple learner credits on completion of the courses. Besides, you can provide your learners to choose from the various types of credits (CEU, CLE, CPE, CME, etc.)

Custom Content Creation

The CME Software enables administrators to create courses using the course authoring tool. The course authoring feature gives you the liberty to make your content and change existing course content at your flexibility. This feature helps in maintaining continuing education programs at par with the latest developments in the medical field.

Highly Customizable

The LMS allows you to customize the CME platform as per your brand look and needs. For example, you can make the LMS look like yours by customizing every page’s layout and using colors from the color palette. Customization helps your customers identify with your association and builds trust and confidence.

Automated Certifications

Paradiso CME LMS allows the automation of course completion certificate generation. It also provides the facility to change information in the certificate based on various criteria of different governing bodies. The best part is the LMS sends reminders to learners based on the need for certification renewals.

Assessment and Evaluations

Paradiso CME LMS software allows you to assess, evaluate and report the progress of its learners by using the assessment tool. The assessments and evaluations can be made as per the mandate of the accreditation bodies, and learners can be guided on their learning path to achieve their goals.

Automated Reports for Accreditation

The LMS automates producing reports like ACCME PARS, ANCC NARS, and ACPE Reports for annual reporting to accreditation bodies to make accreditation requirements hassle-free. This feature provides ease to administrators from constant searching and organizing data.

Data Security Policy

We have robust security protocols to make sure your data is protected. In addition, we have SOC2 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications. We also have regular backup and disaster recovery systems set up for retrieving data.

Access to Pre-Built Training Courses: Paradiso CourseHub

Discover the future of medical education with Paradiso CourseHub – your gateway to pre-built Continuing Medical Education (CME) training courses. This cutting-edge LMS offers a user-friendly platform, providing healthcare professionals easy access to a diverse range of courses. Stay ahead in your field, enhance patient care, and streamline your learning experience with Paradiso CourseHub.

OSHA Training for Healthcare Providers 3.0

OSHA Training for Healthcare Providers 3.0

Patient Rights and Advocacy Training

Patient Rights and Advocacy Training

Privacy & Confidentiality in Health Care

Privacy & Confidentiality in Health Care

Frequently Asked Questions?

What features does a typical CME LMS for Medical Associations offer?

Key features include course management, participant registration, content distribution, assessment tools, certification tracking, and reporting functionalities. These features are tailored to meet the specific needs of medical associations in organizing and tracking CME activities.

Can the CME LMS be customized to fit the specific requirements of a Medical Association?

Yes, many CME LMS platforms offer customization options to align with the unique needs and branding of a medical association. This may include personalized interfaces, branding elements, and tailored reporting features.

Can the platform integrate with other systems used by Medical Associations?

Many CME LMS platforms offer integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity with other systems such as membership databases, payment gateways, and communication tools, enhancing overall efficiency.

Can Paradiso LMS integrate with existing association management systems (AMS)?

Yes, the platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing association management systems, ensuring a smooth flow of data and reducing administrative burdens. This integration enhances the overall efficiency of managing CME programs within the association.

How do I schedule a demo of Paradiso CME LMS?

To schedule a demo, visit our website, contact our support team. Our experts will guide you through the features and benefits, addressing any questions you may have.

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