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employee training management software

Discover the multiple benefits that will bring to your company an Employee Training Management Software

With Paradiso employee training management software the training processes of your company will get simplified and automated with a powerful eLearning tool, fully capable of integrating with other software platforms that you may have implemented along with your company.

Our Learning Management System allows you to track and analyze the data in multiple ways so you can take all the approaches necessary and get a wide view of the learning process inside the company. With an Employee Training Management Software, your employees can start a competency-based program, focused on every specific employee skills and knowledge to deliver particular content to each member of your company according to his learning plan. If this isn’t effectiveness what is it?

Implementing an employee training management software will increase notoriously the efficiency in the learning programs of your company. With an LMS, you don’t need to pull employees away from work for classroom training, the content material goes directly to the user. Besides, it will reduce the training costs associated with the purchase of physical training material.

The savings you get by acquiring an LMS not only are reflected in operational costs but also in money savings and time spent both for company managers and students/users. Following this idea also comes the fact that the employee’s skills and knowledge will be upgraded, helping them grow with personalized daily training.

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An employee training management software will let you perform skill tracking with online reporting, making it easy to identify those high potential employees and deliver the required training for them.

Also, the certificates feature is there to support the learning process by rewarding the achievements of the users with the use of badges and the success of the programs using the certificates.

LMS Certificates are a really useful tool in the education industry. For the eLearning environment, it needs to be a must-have. Both trainers and trainees expect to have their courses certificated and valid for the corporate world.

The certificates feature of our employee training management software is a custom solution that will help you improve the learning process. With this tool that you can personalize according to your needs, the problem of having your courses properly validated is solved.

By acquiring an employee training management software you also get:

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