Flipping the Classroom using Clone of Khan Academy or Moodle

Khan Academy has introduced paradigm shift in terms of how we learn in educational setting. Flipping the classroom is the future of education. For years, Paradiso Solutions has worked with many universities and schools all over the world providing them with moodle LMS and content. Some of our clients include University of New York, California Arts College, Portage college and Episcopal School of Acadiana.


Flipping the classroom is a change in culture and processes. The culture part comes from the board, parents and teachers need to see the need of change. We help in the process and tools part to flip the classroom. Here are the tools and technologies needed for flipping the classroom:

  1. Software platform: similar to moodle or khanacademy.org
  2. Content: either self made or borrowed from youtube, etc

  3. Training: the teachers in the processes, content creation and software

  4. Support: Ongoing support for the tools and technology



Paradiso Solutions uses the open source Khan Academy platform and customize it to each school’s needs. These are some of the common changes:

  • Brand to schools image
  • Single sign on with your LDAP or Student Information System (SIS) or other systems

  • Add new features as needed into Khan Academy platform

  • Enhance reporting

  • Integrate it with ePortfolio system such as Mahara

  • Integrate with existing LMS such as Moodle if needed



Paradiso Solutions content creators help you in creating custom content if it is not freely available for special classes or curriculum or it can train your staff.


Flipping the classroom needs the staff to be trained in the tools and processes. We train you.


We provide hosting, support, training and ongoing maintenance so you focus on your MISSION to create mastery in EVERY student. Let us handle the technology and tools.

For free consultation on how we can help you FLIP your CLASSROOM, please call us at +1 800 513 5902 , email [email protected] or visit us at www.ParadisoSolutions.com



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