Top 11 Learning & Development to Watch in 2022

Top 11 Learning & Development (L&D) Trends to Watch in 2022

2021 has been quite an up-thralling year bringing about significant changes in how we look at life worldwide. The most impactful changes occurred due to the strike of COVID 19 that continues. However, one of the most significant changes was the wide adoption of eLearning since Covid created conditions to operate remotely. Current trends in learning and development have been a digital transformation in every field, which will only continue in the future.

The current (L&D Trends) learning and development are due to the change in work environments and limitations on in-person interactions due to the COVID conditions. Similarly, there have been rapid changes in learning and management. As a result, the lookout towards understanding has changed from traditional classroom learning to online learning. eLearning has gained more relevance in today’s conditions than any other learning method.

Learning and Development trends (L&D Trends) have undergone an overhaul with eLearning that has improved employees learning abilities and ensured retention. In addition, it has made it easy for an L&D professional to maintain data, administer information and track their employees’ performance. This further helps them make decisions on training based on the knowledge and skills that are missing.


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The significant impact of developments in L&D Trends can be seen this year and further. So, let’s discuss how the Learning & Development (L&D) Trends can prepare you for the future in the industry.

Upskilling & Reskilling

The recent changes have developed the need to have constant upskilling or reskilling at the workplace. People must constantly be updated with knowledge and skills to perform their best jobs. Current trends in training and development work are mostly handled remotely; having L&D trends in eLearning platforms for upskilling has become the optimum solution. Upskilling your employees in time help you keep your employees at par with the developments in technology and gives you an upper hand in achieving your business goals.

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Personalized & Adaptive Learning

Learners adapt to the eLearning courses when the medium for learning is learner-friendly. The new learning and development trends demand that your employees are ready for the unknown. L&D Trends have transcended to online methods widely, and eLearning helps individuals in personalised learning. Personalised learning makes education adaptive as courses are created on personal preferences and feedback. This new trend has changed the face of knowledge, making it more exciting and personalised.

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Social Learning

The new trend of using eLearning solutions like LMS or LXP stimulates social learning. Collaborative tools like gamification and the like boost employee engagement. Employees collaborate and learn and also find answers to challenges together quickly. Social learning makes learning easy as counterparts and seniors contribute to knowing the skill gaps recommending courses, and helping achieve learning goals. It always believes that teamwork will lead you to success, and that’s what social learning enables you to do even when working remotely.

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Collaboration boosts engagement and team spirit. With learning and training transforming to digital means, collaborative tools are in great demand since engaging and working in collaboration has become virtually possible. As a result, people collaborate to learn new skills, help each other and contribute to developing knowledge and skills and grow together in L&D Trends in 2022.

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Collaborative tools like gamification allow learners to collaborate, engage and learn together instead of isolated learning and bring in the fun while learning. The recent trend of having digital access will enable employees to collaborate virtually and supports peer learning. Social learning further builds positive workplace relationships that help companies grow faster.

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Mobile Learning

Learning from anywhere, anytime, is the new way of learning. The new (L&D) learning and development trends of allowing users to learn using software like eLearning platforms using mobile, tablets, or other devices have made learning convenient and easy. In today’s busy work schedules having the facility to learn anytime from anywhere is the best feature that eLearning solutions provide.

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Bite-size learning is more preferred by the new millennials today. Learning in small bursts makes learning easy and fruitful. This has proved to become the most effective in learning and development trends activities incorporate pieces of training. Successful completion of courses boosts retention and proves to be the best L&D trend for the future.

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User-generated Content with LXP

LXP is the new trend in learning that is completely changing the learning dynamics. The AI-generated feedback and user-generated content have made learning very effective. This has transformed learning experiences. Today’s learners seem more satisfied with straight range and way of learning. LXP is the future of eLearning and brings significant weightage to L&D future trends.

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Real-Time Feedback

eLearning solutions provide a great medium of learning that provides learning analytics and reports for real-time feedback. Real-time analytics helps keep your employees updated with the latest technologies and allows them to prepare for the future. They develop the skills much sooner and accurately to take up future challenges.

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AI in Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the future of learning. The intelligent recommendations made by AI in learning platforms help learners understand and gain knowledge effectively. For example, the AI in learning platforms like LXP makes playlists for learners based on their learning history and discovers skill gaps they need to work on to develop their skillset.

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Positive Workspace Culture

The workspace being focused on learning and development builds a positive work culture. In addition, when employees are continuously upskilling to keep up with the changing technology, they tend to perform their job roles the best and stand competitive and compliant with company goals to achieve success.

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Top 11 Learning & Development (L&D) Trends to Watch in 2022

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The Final Word

2021 has been the transition year for learning and development trends since most teachings moved from classroom to online learning. With the acceptance of Learning Management Systems worldwide, education has become hugely paired with technology today and in the future. The future Learning & Development Trends of 2022 indicate that learning will be more mobile, personalised, practical, and goal-oriented with online learning management systems.

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