Moodle Custom Theme Demo


Paradiso Moodle Custom Theme Design Creation Process:

1. Our project manager discusses with the client their vision for the Moodle custom theme while showing examples of our past work and examining the clients company logo and the look and feel of their brand.

2. Once the requirements for the new Moodle theme are clear the graphic designer begins working on 3 unique Moodle theme designs. The client picks one and suggests modifications which are then implemented until the design is considered complete.

3. The design is passed to our Moodle theme developer to create HTML and CSS template out of the graphic designers draft. A beta of the template is uploaded to a development Moodle server.

4. Both project manager and client test the Moodle theme on the development server and document the bugs in our online project management system.

5. Once the bugs are fixed another round of testing is done to see if the Moodle theme is feature complete and without bugs in Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Exporer, and Safari.

6. Once the bug fixing is complete the Moodle theme is moved to the client’s production server where the final round of testing is performed until the theme works flawlessly.

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