Moodle2.6 upgrade

Moodle 2.6 upgrade!

Here at Paradiso Solutions we are excited about the launch of Moodle 2.6, with a m better responsive design , enhance platform management and new and improved grading features.

Moodle 2.6

The following are some details regarding Moodle 2.6 :

For Teachers

 Improved grading features
Easily review and provide in-line feedback by annotating on PDF files directly within browser.
Conveniently allocate student assignments to different markers, and control when marks are released to individual students.
Certainty-based marking in Quizzes now provides improved feedback for learners.
Dynamic, streamlined, course management
Quickly edit course activities and resources across all devices.
Easily add a Single activity course format.
1. Annotate uploaded PDF files in browser
Provide feedback directly within PDF file submissions by using a variety of annotating tools available, including stamps and phrases from a comment bank.
2. Enhanced marking workflow and allocation
Control when marks are released for viewing, for example, when they have been reviewed and moderated. Individual markers can also be allocated assignments and these allocations will show up clearly in the gradebook.
3. Enhanced feedback in Certainty-based marking
Quizzes using Certainty-based marking now provide better feedback for learners.
4. Easily edit course activities and resources
Editing tools have been grouped together to in a simple dropdown menu for easy accessibility across desktop and mobile devices.
5. Add a Single activity course format
Simply select and add any one activity as a standard course format which is displayed directed on the course page (This feature supersedes the old SCORM course format).
Moodle 2.6 upgrade

For administrators and managers

Enhanced platform management
Create and manage bulk courses efficiently
Simpler course and category management
Create additional name fields
Conveniently import and export role definition using XML file
Restoring of very large courses possible
1. Bulk course creation tool
Create multiple courses efficiently using a single CSV file. The functionality also extends to updating or deleting courses as well as importing content from another course.
2. Streamlined course and category management
Easily sort, create, and delete course categories in a more intuitive interface with drag and drop functionality.
3. Create additional name fields
Add and customize additional name fields to flexibly display user names in Chinese characters, local phonetic system or Romanization.
4. Import and export role redefinitions
Export and import role definitions as XML files.New roles may be based on existing data:
role archetype
existing role
role definition XML file
5. Backup and restore large courses
Backup and restore large courses Improved performance allows users to quickly backup large courses safely and if needed, easily restore the courses for use.


For all users

Experience a better learning platform
A more user-friendly TinyMCE editor
Easily access files from Microsoft Skydrive.
Improved calendar handling with multiple calendar support
Simplified username and password recovery
Improved file management in TinyMCE editor
Better responsive design across devices
1. A more user-friendly TinyMCE editor
The improved TinyMCE editor can be resized to suit various browser widths, and features user-friendly icons and a collapsible toolbar menu.
2. Access files from Microsoft Skydrive
Users can now choose to retrieve files from their Skydrive account for use in their Moodle courses.
3. Improved calendar handling with multiple calendar support
Moodle 2.6 supports and displays the same date in multiple calendar system, including Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic and more, so you can select a preferred calendar system.
4. Simplified username and password recovery
Quickly retrieve username or reset password in a simpler, more user-friendly process.
5. Improve file management in TinyMCE editor
Add and manage files previously embedded in a text area with the new TinyMCE Manage Embedded files plugin and Embedded files repository.
6. Better responsive design
Moodle works and looks better across all devices, including desktops, tablets and phones.

Are you ready for the Moodle 2.6 upgrade ?

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