Paradiso Solutions combine Moodle and Google Plus

The purpose of this moodle customization services is to create a bridge enabling direct connectivity from the client’s Moodle site to every registered student’s Google+ account. Our client aims to consolidate the functionality of these two sites and overcome communication barriers as well as facilitating the appropriate and great tools provided by Google. The final objective of this integration is to create a new concept of an online university where students can choose from a wide variety of courses according to a specific field with full interaction among themselves.


What we needed to do for this project was:

  • Establish a connection between the company’s interface and a Google personal account.
  • Display student’s registered courses on Google+
  • Determine and use the appropriate technology, extensions and plugins to support the client’s desired capacity for students.
  • Implement Google tools into the moodle site.
  • Finally we needed to ensure that students could learn in a fun, interactive and socially open environment.


We decided to build a Moodle LMS which allows access to all the Google apps such as Gmail, Google docs, Google+ profile, etc. Also, we created and implemented a chrome extension to allow access to Moodle courses to registered students from Google+ profile. We focused on course creation and integration of video, audio and information tables needed. All of this was done by using adobe captivate and video technology. Below are the technical details that went into this project:

• Chrome Application API
• Moodle API
• Linux
• Google+ API

Here are some screenshots

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