Choosing Moodle Hosting Services by Paradiso Solutions

There are many Moodle Hosting providers out there so you need to know how to compare apple to apple by asking the right questions. The cheapest or most popular hosting provider may not be the best one for your needs.


Here is a list of questions to ask figure out what exactly you are getting.             Moodle hosting


Moodle Support

  • What level of support will they provide?
  • What are the support hours?
  • Is the support staff expert in Moodle LMS or just messengers who take messages for developers?
  • Is minor upgrade to Moodle included?
  • Is it email, chat or phone support?
  • What is the level 3 support case response time?


Moodle Server

  • Are you getting a dedicated server or a VPS?
  • If it is dedicated server then ask whether it is dual or quad CPU?
  • RAM and Harddisk size?
  • How easy it is to upgrade or downgrade the server power and hard disk?
  • Where are the servers located?
  • What OS are they using? Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows, Centro?



  • We get a lot of Moodlerooms hosting clients who complain that they can not access their servers due to Moodlerooms hosting policies. So it is important to ask whether you have FTP and SSH access to the server?


Moodle Backup

  • How often? daily?, weekly?
  • Is the daily backup complete or incremental?
  • How long is the old backup kept? a week or a month?
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