Moodle and Joomla Integration through Joomdle

Paradiso Solutions has been successful at implementing Moodle Joomla integration through the use of Joomdle module.


Single Sign-On
Joomdle offers a wide variety of features through the integration of Moodle and Joomla, among them, it allows for Single Sign On (SSO) between Joomla and Mjoomdleoodle. Whether you want your users / students to login from Joomla or Moodle, Joomdle will work out the rest.


Centralized User Profiles:
Such module, Joomla-Moodle allows for the centralization of user profiles ensuring consistent user details between Joomla and Moodle and their associated extensions.


Display Course Content on Joomla:
Joomdle lets you display Moodle content on Joomla: course catalog, teacher and student information, course contents, among others.


Selling Courses Online:
If your focus is on Selling Courses Online Joomdle has the flexibility of integrating with your favorite e-Commerce platforms including Magento, Tienda, Hikashop and Moodles own Paypal system. So sit back and see the dollars roll in with the use of this complete plugin.


3rd Party Integration:
Joomdle has been successfully integrated with a number of leading third party extensions including: the Social Networking software JomSocial & Community Builder; e-commerce tools such as Virtuemart, Hikashop and Tienda; JoomlaXi’s JSPT providing Jomsocial and Joomdle users with the ability to define multiple user profiles; Xmap for sitemaps and Google searching.

Sach Chaudhari

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