Moodle Magento Integration: Adding a Shopping Cart to your LMS

For some businesses, integrating a shopping cart with your current e-learning solution is an essential method in order to generate sales. Moodle is a learning management system which has gained popularity within many industries over the past few years for their flawless designs and user friendly interface. On the other hand, Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms on the web and is currently serving thousands of clients from all different fields. They offer a diverse range of features such as the ability to create online coupons, easily configurable software, and simple integration with many systems.



So how can make the moodle magento integration in order to create the ultimate sales generating system for your business? You’d be surprised by how simple it is. We will discuss in detail the benefits of integrating both of these platforms in this article.


Benefits of Moodle Magento integration

Here, you have two products with completely different functions. Moodle is a LMS which enables you to create and upload a variety of different courses as well as interactive quizzes, and access online forums. It’s a software that allows you to study whenever and wherever. Magento is an eCommerce platform, designed specifically for businesses who wish to offer their clients premium online shopping experience under a secured network. The integration of these two systems will produce a secure online website which offers a range of interactive courses available on the go.


Paradiso Solutions is an eLearning blog and company who has designed a wonderful method on how to integrate Moodle and Magento. Their methods are simple, cost effective, and a productive strategy in order to increase your sales. This integration will provide your clients access to all the courses available on your learning management system. Magento will enable the customer to search for certain courses based on the keywords they use. Once the customer decides on a product, they have the option of adding the item to their cart which is provided by Magento’s software.


The checkout process is carried out by Magento’s secured server. For convenient purposes, the ecommerce platform offers the client a list of payment methods to choose from which includes the following: Paypal, and all major debit and credit cards. After the payment method has been accepted, the client will have full access to the purchased content which is serviced by Moodle.



If you are a tech savvy person, it would be possible to design a single registration program for both Moodle and Magento. This will function as a gateway between the two systems.


The client will have the ability to purchase the course’s content using a specific email and also, at the same time, register for an account on Moodle in order to access the content. This implementation would save a great deal of time for the customer but also make your system appear more professional and improve the overall experience of the client.


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