Moodle WebEx Integration

Moodle WebEx Integration brings videoconferencing to your LMS

Moodle WebEx integration brings all the functionalities of WebEx closer to the students and users of your Moodle-based platform. Using this Moodle WebEx integration plugin users can get direct access to WebEx videoconferencing from the Moodle platform. Integration with WebEx can be used for:

  • 1-on-1 student-teacher coaching
  • Group calls
  • Broadcast events
  • Online interest groups
  • Record classes
  • Sharing screen for groups
  • Remote managing other PC’s


With Paradiso Solutions integration of Moodle and WebEx the teacher will be able to:

  1. Schedule events directly using Moodle’s event scheduler
  2. Instantly schedule all classes for a course for an entire semester
  3. Attend online classes from the student side
  4. Host online classes with a single click
  5. Access archives/recordings of past events
  6. View a schedule of upcoming classes in their Moodle Calendar
  7. Export class schedule to calendar applications
















With the Paradiso Solutions integration of Moodle and WebEx, the students can:

  1. Attend online classes
  2. Access archives of past events
  3. View their classes in their Moodle Calendar
  4. Export class schedule to a calendar application

We also provide integration between WebEx and Totara. Totara provides an engaging portal from which learners can access instructor-led training, self-paced e-learning and virtual classroom sessions. With Totara you can load content you have created such as e-learning, SCORM packages, PDFs, videos and question banks quickly and easily. The integration of Totara and WebEx would create the perfect learning environment.

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