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Top 10 Moodle Plugins for Corporations

Customization is one of the most important parts of Moodle and there are hundreds of Moodle plugins out there. You can take your Moodle LMS to the next level and improve your eLearning experience by installing these plugins.

Here is a short list of most popular Moodle plugins:

1. Corporate-Customized Moodle Theme: This plugin allows you to customize your Moodle instance as your liking and allows you to have more of a website view than a course view. You can simply change the theme and add your company’s logo for a more personalized Moodle.

2. Login with LinkedIn: This plugin allows you to login to your Moodle LMS with your Linkedin profile, No need to create a new user and to fill up the required information. It is also a great way to confirm the identity of the course user. 

3. Questionnaire:If you require information from your students or employees this would be the perfect plugin, it will allow you to create and check the results of surveys in an easy to handle format. 

4. Certificate:This will allow you to deliver a certification at the end of the course, the plugin will let you upload a PDF file which can be obtained at the end of the course if certain requirements are met and courses are completed. 

5. Configurable Reports: This plugin allows the educator or Moodle manager/Admin to create advanced reports, these reports can then be divided into categories and assigned to users, among other options.

6. Training Sessions Report: A report designed to be used in corporate environments it will allow you to obtain detailed information about a single student or a group of them.

7. Integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business: This plugin will allow you to access all your One Drive business files from within Moodle.

8. Gamification Options: It is known as the next frontier of E-learning, this tool allows you to make your activities more entertaining and catch the attention of a broader audience. There are several different Gamification plugins out there, the most downloaded being “Level Up!”.

9. Live Training Integration:It allows you to perform a live class, this is very important for different parts of an education process, so it has become one of the most important plugins that Moodle has come up with, the one that has been most downloaded is “Webinar”.

10. Aardvark: It’s a plugin that allows you to maximize the amount of images and minimize the amount of text. It was born out of the trend that websites and applications are having where text is relegated as much as possible.

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