Webinar Webex-Moodle Integration

Paradiso Webinar Webex Moodle Integration is the best educational solution to interact with your students in real-time. Deliver your learning to rural areas, military bases or anywhere with no limits. Share your desktop with your students, improve and master your courses with multi-party video, audio, whiteboard, document editing and more. Record you online classes and access them from your Moodle or Totara LMS. One of the greatest things about Webex-Moodle integration is that students can join to your classes with one-single click on the course page!

Webex-Moodle Integration allows you to create several Webex Meetings directly from Moodle and Totara. The meeting is created by adding an activity or resource in a course. Once teachers create the meeting for a course, the users enrolled are notified automatically via email. That way students will be aware of every step of their learning process and won’t miss any update.


In addition, students will be able to enter to the course and see the meeting in the webex right-top block where a calendar will be placed and students will have access to it. Users will also join the meeting by just clicking on the meeting link or on the block corresponding to the meeting.

Students’ names who are logged in into Moodle will be displayed in Webex thanks to Single Sign On feature. Also, the meetings recordings can be stored in the Moodle site, so teachers and students can have full access to them!WEBINAR WEBEX-MOODLE INTEGRATION


– Create your real-time online classes directly from Moodle or Totara

– Interact directly with your students in real time, with voice

– Deliver real-time learning to rural areas and military bases

– Share your pc screen to improve your class lessons

– Provide live, synchronous courses around the clock to those who need schedule flexibility

– Access to your recorded classes directly from your Moodle so you can use them for any purpose in the future. All recorded archives are stored in your Moodle server.

– See your schedule of all your online meetings or classes in just 1 place.

– Export your schedule to your favourite app.


– Schedule events directly using Moodle’s event scheduler.

– Schedule all classes for a course for an entire semester instantly.

– Access archives of past events saved as resource.

– View a schedule of upcoming classes in Moodle Calendar.

– Export class schedule to Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or your favourite calendar application.

– Automatic identification of teacher and students, assigning host rights to teacher and displaying participants’ names in the web conferencing class.

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