Why a CRM-LMS integration is crucial to organizational success

Businesses integrating CRM and LMS can look into customer’s behavior and make efforts to drive customer training in an engaging way.

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CRM LMS Integration Transforming Your Business

The right LMS, when running parallel with your CRM, has the potential to transform engagement within the extended enterprise, boosting your savings, revenue and learner empowerment. The potential for integrated analytics to drive learner performance is hugely promising with this integration. The key for improving sales, with ecommerce- CRM LMS integration is to achieve to engage the right customers at the right time with the need to access the same data set.

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Benefits of Integrating CRM Software with LMS

Let’s dig down some benefits of CRM LMS integration and know how it puts data into the hands of those who need it— customers, prospects, and corporate leaders.

  • 1. Improved learner experience

Customers always prefer appropriate programs and pricing in online learning platforms. For instance, members and customers tend to get certification applications, certificate programs also discount on courses. This also implies user information and permissions are shared between the CRM and LMS, learners benefit from single sign-on. With CRM and LMS integration, users benefit from a social learning experience and can participate in online community conversation that gives learners the opportunity to recall and apply new information in discussions with their peers.

Improved learner experience
  • 2. Time-saving Integration

Time-saving Integration

With joining hands with LMS CRM provider, you can eradicate the redundancy of data and need of manual updates. Learners can auto-enroll or assign to certain programs. New learners or members can be automatically enrolled in an onboarding program, and new committee chairs and board directors can be enrolled in online training. With CRM LMS integration, educators can be thoroughly notified or alerted through notification about learners who are falling behind in the training sessions. Staffs can also be alerted with soon-to-lapse course certifications.

  • 3. Excellent data analytics capability

Educators can track learner’s progress and can track their participation and performance. Integration with CRM and LMS makes it simpler to analyze course registration and completion process, abandonment and engagement patterns, performance, and program evaluation ratings. You can access data availability and market status of certain programs and offer course as per the demand in the market.

Excellent data analytics capability
  • 4. Optimizing your sales

Optimizing your sales

Information generated by CRM LMS integration can give you data related to sales results for your business and allow you to define your targets on business requirements and user needs. With integrating LMS CRM provider, you can also come up with information based on marketing campaigns. It also speeds up your payment process on the same techniques adopted by payment gateways.

  • 5. Market your training

To be able to cross-sell and upsell, as well as to be updated about your customers, you need a CRM system. If you are selling courses online, you have to streamline your purchase processing, your customer experience, marketing, operations, etc. For that you need a CRM, LMS and ecommerce system. CRM system can be Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM that needs to be integrated with your learning platform to be able to embed customer related data (first name, last name, course selected, etc.)

Market your training

It’s important for your training software to feed data into CRM about the volume and type of training your customers have received. By centralizing and linking this data, you’ll uncover connections between actions and outcomes that were previously difficult to identify in your business.

This integration can address all your issues related to customer training needs and help you engage all your customer training efficiently. CRM and LMS integration are not about sales automation or sales enablement. It’s about connecting directly with customers before, during and after a sale to facilitate product onboarding, ongoing engagement, feature adoption and overall customer success.

Therefore, businesses should be joining CRM LMS providers not only to improve customer retention but also experience an uplift in sales cycles, decrease in customer churn, reduction in support tickets and revenue streams expand.

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