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ERP Solutions for Training Companies

Our idea behind putting forth ERP software for training companies is to help the training companies find a way to manage their end-to-end operations. Currently, most of the training organizations have multiple software for multiple functions in a single organization. All these different software costs them money, while the business still remains un-streamlined, because of payment going to multiple vendors for their software licensing and support. Besides, to integrate all these systems at one place, you have to get the programmers involved. All this not just affects your overall customer satisfaction levels, but also costs a lot more than your budget permits.

ERP Solutions for Training Companies

Paradiso came up with an ERP Solution

Paradiso came up with an ERP Solution

As a solution to such problems, Paradiso came up with an ERP solution which is specifically designed for training companies. It manages your entire training organisation in one single place, with one single vendor at one single cost. Many of you may be of the thought that an ERP is useful only for big manufacturing or software companies. However, we come as the game changer, and reckon that this concept can be applied to small and medium sized companies as well. More so, to the training companies.

ERP Solution for Training Companies

CRM inside your ERP

Our ERP software for training companies comes with a wide set of functionalities that will provide your training company with all the necessary tools to increase productivity. Besides, you get to attract new clients, close your course sales faster, while building your customers' and student's loyalty by creating profitable and long-lasting links. You will also benefit massively from email marketing, text messages and regular mail sending through automation of all these and other sales processes.

LMS inside your ERP

With our ERP for training companies, you get an awesome LMS, namely Paradiso LMS, bound tightly with the ERP. Since both of this software come from the house of Paradiso, they would communicate with each other seamlessly giving you an unprecedented hold on your training initiatives. You’ll ensure your students are getting adequately trained while getting to manage your training budget efficiently. Traditional training courses can go on for days, but with our ERP, your employees can choose to take up courses and tests anytime, anywhere

Scheduling of Instructors

Our ERP for training companies solves scheduling problems by scheduling the time of the instructor quickly and efficiently. You can easily access and update the schedules online at any time of the day or night. Another benefit of our ERP for training companies is that you get to avoid mix-ups by easily keeping staff and academic calendars in sync. Besides, you can easily and accurately track absenteeism, vacations and time off. You can create a series of schedules, while the teacher can make their own schedule changes

Project Management

Our Project Management Software is the most effective and intelligent solution available in the market, that addresses all your project management requirements and drives operational excellence. Our ERP for training companies offers the best in town knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques required to manage projects, so that you meet or exceed stakeholder expectations. You can record goals and milestones and map them against actual performance. Truly, our ERP for training companies is a holistic project management software that ensures you have a tight grip over your project developments

Accounting Management

With our comprehensive accounting software, you’ll discover features that will save you time & money. Our ERP for training companies has made gathering all of your financial information in one accounting system simpler than ever. Trust us, it has never been this easy. No matter whether your training company is an established one or a new one, our accounting software can be up running easily and quickly. It’ll help you make more informed buying and selling decisions by improving customer service, saving money, and ensuring profitability in the future.

E-Commerce Management

Now you can create, sell and market your beautiful courses online as our ERP for training companies provides you exhaustive ecommerce capabilities. Our ERP comes as a fully integrated and scalable course creation and LMS platform out of the box. Its features include the ability to create unlimited courses with the option to have paid and free chapters/units, timed quizzes, assignments, certificates, badges etc. You can have your students take your courses, interact with other members via forums and discussions and much more.

Workflow Management

Automate work and reduce chaos with the number of workflow software that comes with our ERP for training companies. Our workflow management software is the preferred choice of online workflow tool that meets the needs of training company workflow automation seamlessly. Our ERP comes as a ready-to-use tool that can be set up in minutes as against the legacy software that requires huge investments and takes days to set up. The simple workflow software with its intuitive UI makes designing workflow processes a joy.

Get forms and surveys filled out

Reason? Paradiso manages the entire LMS update process. While doing so, we dedicate a few hours to testing with our ERP for training companies, you get automated the forms module. With this you will be able to create different kinds of forms. Besides, there is also a survey module that you can use to figure out whether your customers/students like the training or not. You’ll also judge which courses are the ones that are likely to generate more sales than others. Surveys are helpful, as it helps you save money by dropping/revamping those aspects of training modules that aren’t well received by your customers/students.

Core HR Management

Our HR management software has an ESS employee self-service portal that comes pre-loaded with a career portal as its USP. This portal integrates with your organization’s website. No technical knowledge or coding knowledge is required to do this integration. This portal gets integrated by the way of a job embedded widget. Your people matter the most to us so we have addressed the full spectrum of enterprise human capital needs in one, an easy-to-use system. The result? You get an engaged workforce that helps accelerate global growth.

Document Management

Our document management software controls the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents. It yields greater effectiveness, while giving you the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents. It integrates all the essential documents management, collaboration and an advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution. The system also includes administration tools to define the roles of various users, access control, user quota, level of document security, detailed logs of activity and automations setup.

Expense Management

It’s never been easier to manage your expenses with our best ERP software. It works seamlessly across all devices – desktop, tablet, and smartphone, enabling the claimants and approvers to fully manage their expenses, anytime and anywhere. You get meaningful visibility and control on your business expenses while making sure you answer the bottom-line question, ‘When will I get paid?’ faster and in a delightful manner. Our easy-to-use expense management software not just simplifies business expense report entry, but also streamlines review, eliminates paper pushing, and reduces administrative effort.

Performance Management

It becomes easy for the HR personnel to get an insight into the performance of the employees, and the courtesy of our performance management software. Also, based on the data gathered from the performance management software, the management can plan and design employees’ work objectives and overall contributions to the organization. Performance management is not just your regular annual performance review, it should go beyond and become more of an ongoing process. Setting objectives, assessing progress, and providing continuous coaching and feedback form an integral part of performance management that ensures employees are meeting their objectives and career goals.

Email marketing in ERP

With email marketing functionality built in, you’ll have your marketing team save time on sending emails. With automation by your side, you’ll have your emails delivered timely and hence can encash upon higher response rates and ultimately higher sales. Additionally, you’d be able to provide your students/customers with a richer experience that’ll be tuned to their goals, needs and purchasing habits. For you as a training company, it’ll close the gap between your email marketing efforts, your sales and product data. Ultimately, it’ll bring your marketing more in line with your sales and operations activities.

Accept Online Course Bookings

Get going with accepting online course bookings as one of the fastest ways to grow your training business. We’ve seen overtime with our customers that their business gets doubled-up literally overnight by expanding their online presence and incorporating online course booking in their portfolio. This aspect is often viewed as an option that is expensive and consumes time. However, with our ERP for training companies, accepting online course bookings becomes a cakewalk. We get you up and running in almost minutes, not months.

Pre and Post Assessment

There is a pre-and post-assessment tool that lets you see where the companies are before they took your training and where do they land is after they take the training. These are different from surveys. They are meant for getting feedback. So, to say, pre and post assessment is actually a training tool and less of an assessment.

Final words

Get all the standard academic management features packed in a robust yet simple ERP software for training companies, that’ll help you efficiently carry out your Centre’s routine educational processes like student management, document management, asset ecommerce integration for selling courses online, assessments for your students, analysis of assessment results and delivering of customized assessment reports. The best part? you will be able to design your own training and deliver it to your students, by the way of an awesome LMS that can come as an add-on.

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