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Paradiso LMS is one of the best alternatives to Moodle™

Today Moodle™ and learning management systems are almost synonymous. The advantages of Moodle™ seem almost too good – it’s open source, free
to download and packed full of features.However many don’t understand that Moodle™ isn’t a finished product, but more of a platform which
needs to be installed, configured and customized, and for this reason it is worth considering one of the alternatives to Moodle™.

What makes Paradiso a great alternative to Moodle™?

thinking of implementing moodle

Thinking of implementing Moodle™?

Developing and implementing Moodle™ can sometimes cost more than purchasing an all in one solution, especially if you realise too late that it is not exactly what you need and have already dropped serious money on developers.

Already using Moodle™?

Or perhaps you already have Moodle™ implemented but simply aren’t happy with it. If you know what you are doing and have a workable incarnation of Moodle™ then it can be useful, but without the help of expert programmers who truly understand Moodle™ it will be falling quite short of its full potential as an all in one integrated Learning Management System.

analyze your situation and needs

We analyze your situation and needs

At Paradiso Solutions we understand what you need from an LMS and offer and why it is one of the best alternatives to Moodle™. Rather than letting you blindly search for ways to develop Moodle™ and customize it to your needs, we work with you to apply our years of experience developing custom LMS platforms.

We rebuild Moodle™ to your specifications

Paradiso improves on Moodle’s™ shortcomings and limitations by offering a robust LMS which has been designed with the user in mind. With Paradiso you have the option of us hosting your LMS, and full dedicated support is included as standard.

rebuild your specifications
your branding and identity

Adapt Moodle™ to fit your branding and identity

Change the branding and color scheme to match your organization. The UI is simple, intuitive and modular meaning you can easily change its layout yourself.

Experience Paradiso LMS Now!

The most user-friendly and cost-effective LMS

suitable for the type of organization that uses it.


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