How much should a
Learning Management System Cost?

Normally, in the eLearning market, you are not going to find an LMS provider that offers you standard pricing. The LMS pricing would vary and should depend on your requirements and needs. It can depend on the number of users, integrations, features required, custom work, among other factors.

On the other hand, you have to understand that a good and feature-rich training management system or Learning Management System is not cheap at all. It requires a big investment, but it also brings you countless benefits that would also help you save some time and resources in terms of transportation, flexibility, adaptability, dynamism, productivity and lower training costs.

Before going for an LMS quotation, you may have a clear picture of your use case scenario, even better if you can develop an RFP template which your potential providers can fill.

Which are the most common LMS Pricing Models?

It is really important the LMS companies offer flexible LMS pricing alternatives, adaptable to the needs, possibilities, and scope of each client. The price packages should include hours of training, development and implementation costs of the platform that may vary depending on each use case scenario.

Below we detail the different payment methods we use in Paradiso Solutions and those that are usually handled by the most well-known Learning Management Systems. We set our eLearning software up based on your needs and requirements, creating a deployment unique for you. Our LMS pricing is set to ensure you get the right product with the perfect features.


In this method, you can acquire the LMs paying for a specific number of users. This form of payment is useful for companies that have certainty about the exact number of users to whom the eLearning content will be taught. This pricing plan works if the training in your company is mandatory, for example.


The users who take your courses may vary with the passing of the weeks and this influences the price of the LMS software. Contrary to the previous price model, the payment by active users offers the possibility of locating in a variable range of users and agreeing on a price according to the quantities. You will only be charged for the users that log into the system during the pay period.


This payment method lets you pay an LMS license for a year or month, with an unlimited amount of users, no matter if they are constantly active or coming and going in the LMS. The Learning Management System comes with the usual features as part of the license along with support, training times and other specifications. Any extra work could be charged for apart.

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The one payment model normally applies when the software company develops a Custom LMS or software that adapts only to that client’s needs. It comes with support and some months of guarantee to make sure that the system works correctly.


A good LMS company usually offers a free version which the client can use to test the product. It is normally a basic LMS System with some limitations that the user can use to play and try the main features. Our Free LMS is a great option for beginners or even small companies that require simple training with a great eLearning tool. Ours is one of the fullest free versions of Learning Management Systems including these features with up to 50 users:

  • Gamification.
  • Social Learning.
  • Blended Learning.
  • Mobile Learning.
  • Advanced Reporting.
  • Learning Paths.
  • Performance Management.
  • User and course management: Create, delete, edit, import and export users or courses.
  • The ability to provide printable certificates to the students.
    User-friendly Interface.

Our e-learning Management System integrates with

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