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Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle is a global employee engagement company that uses AI-based innovations to support HRs in simplifying and improving the employee experience. With Vantage Circle's all-in-one platform, companies only need one platform to focus on the four major areas of engagement, namely— rewards and recognition, corporate discounts, employee feedback, and employee wellness.

Vantage Rewards and Recognition

Vantage Rewards

Automate and simplify your employees’ rewards and recognition program with Vantage Rewards.

Vantage Corporate Discounts

Vantage Perks

Encourage your employees to save on hundreds of brands & earn redeemable cash back for every purchase they make.

Vantage Employee Feedback

Vantage Pulse

Uncover deeper insights into the employee experience with Vantage Pulse, our people-first survey tool.

Vantage Employee Wellness Platform

Vantage Fit

An AI-powered corporate wellness solution to enhance employee wellbeing and productivity.


How Paradiso LMS works with Vantage Circle?

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