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Why the Need for a Self-hosted LMS?

A Self-hosted LMS is pretty easy to use and usually costs a one-time perpetual license fee. An On-premise LMS is usually more customizable and offers greater control over the implementation process and the LMS data. The entire data security would lie with you and not in some random cloud. Get going with the best self-hosted learning management system!

Choose Self-Hosted LMS for the Right Reasons

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A Self-Hosted LMS is very useful for companies whose content manages a higher degree of complexity, has higher security specifications or requires the information and implementation of the software to be from a server for compliance training, for example, because it would provide all time access to the LMS.


If you’re interested in maintaining high-security protocols in terms of the information that you manage from your employees you should opt for an On-Premise LMS. This option not only deals with security requirements but is ideal for compliance training, with features such as course authoring, multi-tenancy, game-based learning, competency based, consulting and advisory, custom content for eLearning courses, etc.


If you require an LMS heavily customized, with special developments and integrations for your company, you must choose a self-Hosted solution, as you can customize it deeply, give it the branding image you want and maintain the LMS system within your own servers.


Ensuring how much storage space you have for the implementation of the LMS system will let you know which is the most appropriate option. If you have enough storage capacity and want your LMS solution to be implemented alongside with the other software programs you must acquire On-Premise LMS.


Consider the amount of support you will need for the implementation and use of the LMS. With On-Premise, on the other hand, you must take charge of the platform support and deal with any eventuality that may arise.

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